Elvis Double Features: Spinout / Double Trouble

Elvis Presley - CD - Rating: 10/10

Spinout remains my favorite Elvis record. You could pair it with thirty minutes modem noises and this CD would still be awesome. Fortunately, it has been matched with Double Trouble, another good Elvis movie soundtrack… not Spinout good, but good nonetheless. I was first attracted to the cheese factor of some of these songs like “Beach Shack” and “Smorgosbord,” but the more I listened, the more I realized there were some real gems here: “Stop, Look, And Listen,” “Adam and Evil,” “Never Say Yes,” and “Spinout.” I really could go on and just name every track. Did I mention I love this record? Double Trouble is a little more mellow and showtune-ish but the title track and “Long Legged Girl (With the Short Dress On)” bring the rock ‘n’ roll. These Double Feature CDs are worth every penny.

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