Beers, Steers & Queers (Remixes)

Revolting Cocks - CD - Rating: 5/10

File this one under the “What were we thinking back then?” column. In 1991, this was the bees knees in and around my campus apartment but it has since lost much of its luster. The titular track is a rap parody, I guess? Or ironic rap? In any event, it’s poorly executed and clumsy (perhaps on purpose) with forced lyrics. The song mocks closed-minded rednecks and such, but, in hindsight, I get the feeling that RevCo were the close-minded ones with their myopic view of Southerners. Musically, this stuff hasn’t aged well either. In ’91 it took a rack of hardware synths and sequencers to pull this off, but nowadays a teenager with Garage Band on his Mac can create more interesting songs. The two live tracks are a little less jarring and offer a nugget (a chocolate nugget?) of what it was that attracted me to this band twenty years ago.

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