The Psychic

Rating: 7/10

Fulci! Certainly not the greatest Italian director, but he has his moments. This film, also known as Sette Note in Nero, follows a formula you probably have seen many times before. The climax is foreshadowed (in this instance as a psychic vison of a grisly murder), and you spend the rest of the movie putting the pieces of the future vision together until the events finally take place. Of course, there are twists and red herrings that add to the suspense, but you get the idea. If it wasn’t for a cliff jumping suicide in the first five minutes of the film (a sequence which steals an super cheesy effect from Fulci’s own Don’t Torture a Duckling, and is just as out-of-place here as it was in that other movie) you’d never know this was a film by the master of close-up gore. Well, to be fair, there are a ton of zoomed in eye shots (ala Manhattan Baby), but, other than that, is a by-the-numbers thriller that kept me entertained for the most part.

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