The Avengers

Rating: 7/10

I stopped going out of my way to see these superhero films quite some time ago. As a result, I never saw Thor or Iron Man 2. I suspect this put me at an Avenegers disadvantage because to me the first 30 minutes or so of this movie sucked. It seems to be all just tying in threads from these other movies which I passed on. And once you start adding gods and space aliens you’ve lost me. I was hopeful that Joss Wheadon would add some stakes to the plot. Kill someone off early on so we know that you mean business like did in your TV shows. Instead we have lots of physics defying poser model animations, a ridiculous looking bad guy and lots of spinny CGI camera movements. Eventually, once all the boring set up is over things get a little more entertaining. The interactions between the characters are fun for a while and I appreciated Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark much more than I did in Iron Man as he played against his mostly dull co-stars. Seriously, Scarlett Johanson is a terrible actress. I think the only time her facial expression changed was when the wind was blowing against it on her alien motorcycle flying thing. Okay, this move was adequate, but please stop making more. Enough already.

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