Mad Max: Fury Road

Rating: 10/10

This movie was essentially one continuous car chase, but, as terrible as that sounds, it works perfectly. Back when I was 13, I was just the right age when Beyond Thunderdome came out and I loved it. I was not soured on the Mad Max brand and waiting for some sequel to redeem the series. So, for me, Fury Road isn’t so much a return to form as it is just another ramping up in quality. What makes this movie so excellent is the unrelenting sense of danger. As I often paraphrase from Joe Bob Briggs: in this film, anyone can die at any moment. Add to that a ton of practical effects, a solid story, and incredible art direction and you have one of the best movies in recent years (decades even). Just don’t go in with a nitpicky sci-fi fan attitude. Nothing makes practical sense. Just go with it, nerd.

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