Deadlier Than the Male [1956]

Rating: 8/10

No this isn’t about bikini-clad assassins, this female predator is a bit more subdued. This is a French black and white film about a famous chef who is given news of his ex-wife’s passing from a young woman claiming to be her daughter. Of course she’s not on the up-and-up, but the old man doesn’t see it. But her mysterious back-story can wait. The first third of the movie is filled with exciting restaurant action. I’m not kidding. Watching the staff take care of a packed room of odd-ball guests was fascinating to watch. Eventually the movie gets on to the oh-so-European (in other words “creepy”) romance betwixt the old guy and girl who literally could be his daughter. That is when the deceit and mayhem begins in earnest. Wonderfully entertaining all the way to the end.

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