Blade Runner 2049

Rating: 7/10

I’ve tried to like the original Blade Runner. I’ve watched it several times, in several different “official” final, FINAL and this time we mean it cuts. It just ends up boring me. Deckard is a dull character. The plot is dull and meandering. But the visuals are cool and Rutger Hauer fights in a pair of boxer-briefs. I get why folks go nuts for it (the film, not the briefs), but it’s just doesn’t do it for me. This sequel is just as visually stunning and has a slightly more interesting lead character and plot. But, in the end, it’s once again overly long and a little dull. I liked the main villain, but she looked and acted exactly like Milla Jovovich from Zoolander. The final act was the movies’ way of saying, “Remember how dull young Harrison Ford was in the original? Well, the old guy’s still… um… got it!” And let me tell you, I love synth sounds as much as the next guy, but there’s no need to blast your phat analog patch at a volume eleven just to remind viewer the something might be happening in your rambling story. Shame on you, guy who mixed the sound in this movie. Blah, blah. Yeah, but pretty pictures!

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