Rating: 9/10

I went into this knowing what to expect on the music side of things. It’s a further exploration of the more modernist and abstract side of Sparks that was established in The Seduction of Igmar Bergman. Not exactly the style I would want in a musical from the band that gave us such showtunes-esque hits as “Talent Is an Asset” and “Hospitality on Parade.” But, take their weird sonic style and combine it with equally inspired visuals and you get something very special.

It’s the story of an unlikely love affair between a hard-edged comedian and a beautiful opera singer. Unfortunately, the film stumbles at establishing this romance in any meaningful way. They just are in love and we’re supposed to accept that. See they included a cringey singing love scene. That has to mean love, right? This poor set up is my biggest complaint about the film. Once we get to the birth of Annette things start to gel together into a wild combination of fantasy and style that all leads to an emotional and well-earned ending.

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