Copyright and YouTube

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I just noticed today that a video I had posted in YouTube was just blocked in the U.S. because of some music I used in the background. Specifically, they blocked my PC Transporter video that I used to demo some hardware I was selling on eBay. The video is pretty mundane, but I used a Señor Coconut track in the background along with various beeps and noises from the Apple ][gs. Come on, who is going to download the song with all sorts of disk drive noises on top of it? WMG thinks people will do this, so now only people outside the U.S. can view the video. But, get this, if you can view the video in your region, it gives you direct links to download the song on iTunes or Amazon! That is a brilliant business move, but apparently using user created videos as a promo tool in the U.S. is beyond the pea brains at WMG. So, for my sake, please steal Señor Coconut’s record off the Internet (search for it on Google, you’ll find it for download from Rapidshare or similar site) and don’t buy the record if you live in the U.S.A.! I will find a way around YouTube’s blocker soon and repost the video here as soon as I can.

More Videos from my VHS Archives

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I’m beginning to slowly make my way through my old VHS tapes in search of interesting video to post and have found a couple. First we have a short clip from Ben Stiller’s old MTV show. The MTV show was pretty funny, much better than the Fox incarnation that came along later. He really has the mannerism of Shatner down, but Stiller can’t do the voice at all. That’s basically the problem with most of Stiller’s sketch comedy. He can write good sketches but doesn’t have the impersonation skills (that Zoolander voice was freakin’ awful) that define most of the recent American sketch comedy greats like Mike Meyers. Anyhow, enjoy this high point in his career:

UPDATE: The above video was removed from YouTube due to a copyright violation, but thanks to a glitch in YouTube’s API you can still view it embedded here!

Next we have the legendary performance of 3-D (Douglas Denevio… Denebio[?]) lip syncing to Paul Hardcastle’s 19. I believe he won that season’s competition–I hope he spent his $25,000 wisely. Anyhow, the numbers tell the story 30-30-30. We can only dream that we could as cool as Doug: