CD Universe Has a New Contender for Crappiest On-Line Shopping Experience

I still have not done much in the way of updating this site but I needed to get some info out another horrible on-line shopping experience I have had.

The culprit this time is This was the second time I ordered anything from this store–they are widely regarded as a top-of-the-line on-line shop. However, my experience has been pretty lousy. To be fair, I guess my complaints should be directed at UPS. They are the idiots who make a daytime delivery at a residence, and then never leave a note that they attempted delivery. On top of that, the delivery guy lies to cover his lazy ass by saying, firstly, that they delivered the package and then, two days later, that I refused delivery! They then proceeded to send the package back to NewEgg. UPS’s customer service phone system is one of the most annoying voice mail apps on earth. I finally figured out that you can scream, “Talk to person!” to circumvent answering a slew of “yes” or “no” questions.

NewEgg’s third-world sweatshop tech support has been nothing but stock answers. They want me to wait until the item is back in their hands, at which time they will refund my Credit Card and make me order it again. I’d hold my nose and do this, except that the item I ordered is not out-of-stock. NewEgg, you and your ret*rded partner UPS suck. Feel the wrath of my deadly “blog” post!

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