February 23, 2001

Starting today, if you are looking at this page with a non-webstandards based browser it will look like a jumbled mess. I have decided to join the Webstandards.org Browser Upgrade Initiative by making this site take advantage of Cascading Stylesheets, JavaScript and other goodies that help separate form from content. What does this mean? It means that now anyone with an HTML 4.0/CSS-1 compliant browser, be it a desktop, cellular phone, or a microwave, will be able to access the content of my site.

There are still some problems with standards compliance in IE for windows (which is the browser I mainly use). Because of these problems I am still using a table to lay out the main content area of my site. I tried using a left-floating <div> tag to make my monsters sit to the left of the text, but the text kept jumping below the illustrations depending on how wide I would stretch my browser window. It seemed like every other pixel wider would make it jump back and forth. Also, I downloaded Opera 5 to see how my site would look in that browser. All in all it looked okay, there are some major problems with hovering colors on my links which I can’t explain. All in all I think the site is working well in it’s new skin.

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