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The greatest record label to ever exist. One man's vision expressed through records.

Major Overhaul of Planet Pimp Web Site

Did you know I maintain an informational resource page dedicated to Planet Pimp Records (the greatest record label ever to exist)? Well, now you do, and today I uploaded a massive update to the site. This is mostly behind the scenes stuff that makes the site easier for me to update, but I have also added some new features including links to external video and audio. There have also been some fancy style tweaks so the site now scales to fit mobile devices.

There are still some quirky buts, but I am working on cleaning everything up and reviewing the site and links. A big thing on my to-do list is getting rid of Flash elements and replacing them with more mobile-friendly HTML5 widgets. As always, if you have anything to add to this vital historical record, please send your contributions to me

My Planet Pimp Collection Is Finally Complete

Sounds of the International Airport Restrooms

After years of searching through record bins and online auction sites I have finally purchased a copy of The Golding Institute's Sounds of the International Airport Restrooms! This was Planet Pimp's final release and it has become the rarest title from that catalog. I am not sure why this one became so hard to find but I think when Sven-Erik decided to close shop he ending up destroying a lot of his stuff (just a guess). For years I have chatting up the rarity of this record on my Unofficial Planet Pimp Tribute site which may have lead to the ridiculous prices that I would see this 7" would go for on eBay. At one time I thought that twenty dollars was too much for me to pay but then I kept seeing it going for higher and higher prices’the last few auctions I tracked had it selling for…

Planet Pimp Comment Thread

Planet Pimp Postcard

In case you haven't noticed, I maintain a little site that pays homage to Planet Pimp Records, the greatest record label ever. That site, unlike this one, is not built on a fancy content management system so visitors have no way to leave comments for others to read. In order to fix this, I've created this page as the official comment area for my unofficial Planet Pimp tribute site. So CLICK HERE to start commentating commentators!

I also have an RSS feed set up for just this comment thread.

Neil Hamburger Pays Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales

Neil Hamburger Pay Tribute to Princess Di

My tribute to Planet Pimp Records has expanded! I finally got my hands on a copy of Neil Hamburger Pays Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales. Read my insightful commentary and make sure to listen to the audio clip from side B. Prepare to shed yet another tear for Our Fallen Angel.

The Triumphal Return of Robert Gomez's Unofficial Tribute to Planet Pimp Records!

Long ago, back in the dark ages of the Internet—say around 1997 or so—I put together a little tribute to one of my favorite record labels, Planet Pimp Records. Planet Pimp was a small label out of San Francisco that specialized in garage rock bands, but each release had a novelty edge to it, much to the chagrin of many a record buyer (and The Car Thieves).