Old Man's War

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John Scalzi

This is a science fiction tale based on the premise that, sometime in the distant future, our planetary defense army would be comprised of elderly men and women who trade the last years of their lives on Earth for the propect of getting genetically younger/modified bodies. The only catch is’as wars against technologically superior alien races tend to go’the vast majority of recruits die in their first year or so of service. An interesting concept but I feel like the fact that all these characters are supposedly wizened old folks doesn't really effect how they behave. In fact, they all seem to talk in the same Bill Murray-esque, smart-allecky manner. One wise guy is enough, thank you. What we get is more of a standard military, band-of-brothers story that is for sure entertaining, but not as deep and probing as it could be.

Submitted by Robert Gomez on Sat, 02/19/2011 - 19:51