Robert Wm. Gomez's

Hell's Ground


Mondo Macabro has been pretty consistent in their DVD releases. Lots of trashy and weird genre films from outside of Europe and America. While technically not a Mondo Macabro DVD release, Hell's Ground was co-produced by them. It has a lot of the trademarks of one of their films: gore, low-budget production and groovy world music.

This is billed as Pakistan's first zombie movie. Outside of one scene, it's not really a zombie film but rather a somewhat standard slasher film. The unique Pakistan setting gives it a bit of flair, but all the usual cliches are there: dumb teens doing dumb things leading to a series of brutal murders. The real reason to watch this is the burqa-clad killer and his/her deadly morning star.

This film is definitely hindered by its low budget and I would love to see more films from the director with a little more production value. As it is, it's enjoyable but not quite the roller coaster ride it could have been.