Lumpen is a left-wing hipster magazine from Chicago that would occasionally release CDs and other multimedia projects. I knew Ed (a.k.a. Edmar) and he invited me to create a track for this compilation of 80s covers. I chose to do my take on Sparks' "I Predict" off of their Angst in my Pants record. Again this a crude electronic piece using PC-based tracking software combined with a freeware text-to-voice program. The rest of the CD is a mixed bag of songs. As with any compilation, some are good, some are not. I will let you be the judge as to which category my track falls into. Download at the link below

I still have about half-a-dozen of these CDs wasting shelf space. If you want one, let me know and I might give it to you for next-to-nothing. Please don't buy these from Lumpen. Turns out Edmar is kind of a liar, cheat and all-around dipshit and doesn't deserve any of your money.

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Wow, Just randomly found and read your post.  I had a copy of this CD years ago, but lost it, sadly, and only have random tracks scattered around in mp3 format.

 Your track is up there on my faves list on the comp, and I've always loved that Sparks track, too, so I'm biased!

 The TRS80 track is what sticks in my head as the most insane track on the disc.. Holy shithat.....

If you still DO have extra copies of Lumpenwave, it would be AMAZING if you could hook me up with one! I entered my gmail addy in order to post this, so you could contact me via that...Thanks man!