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I've accumulated a pretty big record/cd collection and, from time to time, I used to write reviews of the latest additions to my collection. Lately, I haven't bought much music. That whole "you turn 30 and buying CDs doesn't seem to be that important" thing hit me. Lately, I have been working my way back through my collection and trying to listen to everything again and put down my thoughts here.

I also have an alternate cover view of this page too.

Album Title Artistsort ascending Rating
They Might Be Giants They Might Be Giants 8/10 Yeah, I get it. You went to art school you clever bastards. Fun, smart pop songs, it's no surprise they have become children's... more
Flood They Might Be Giants 4/10 Nobody needs to own more than one They Might Be Giants album. While I enjoy the "hits" on this record, for the most part it... more
Planet Pimp Records Presents...Thee Shatners Thee Shatners 10/10 One of the best releases from Planet Pimp Records is this Star Trek themed collection of surf music. A rare benefit of being... more
The Meadowlands The Wrens 8/10 I got this CD as a gift from my brother several years ago. I understand why he got it for me. It sits firmly in the land of "... more
Get Action! Teengenerate 6/10 Teengenerate are what I would describe as a Ramones-y punk band. They are much faster and certainly less tuneful than the... more
Ghosts Techno-Animal 6/10 I thought that Techno-Animal, being the electronic side project of the guitarist from Godflesh, would sound more like the... more
Roundhouse Tar 7/10 This CD actually compiles Tar's first two releases: Handsome and Roundhouse. While I like many of tunes on... more
Jackson Tar 10/10 This probably is Tar's best record. It's a wall of loud, lumbering guitars and driving bass lines. This is pretty much what... more
Clincher Tar 9/10 This feels like it must be outtakes or extras from Jackson. "G7" and "Teetering" are the best tracks on the EP. Some... more
Toast Tar 8/10 While this disc starts out with a couple of great Tar tunes it doesn't quite keep the energy up like Jackson does. As... more
Over and Out Tar 9/10 More Tar being Tar. This one has crystal clear production and, wouldn't you know it, a little bit of variety in the song... more
Ages 3 and Up Supernova 7/10 After loving Servotron's latest, and hearing about the similarites with that band, I decided to give Supernova a try. At first... more
This Side Up Supercollider 10/10 Supercollider is my favorite band from the nineties that no one seems to know about. I found about them after reading a short... more
Dual Supercollider 10/10 This is the better of the two Supercollider CDs. The sound is much bigger and they had gotten much more skilled at crafting... more
Here's Where the Strings Come In Superchunk 10/10 I may have to reassess where Foolish resides in the Superchunk pantheon. This CD pretty much took the direction set... more
The Laughter Guns Superchunk 8/10 Four pretty good songs and 45 minute long recording from a community radio program in which the hosts deconstruct the lyrics to... more
Indoor Living Superchunk 8/10 These Superchunk reviews are going to get a bit repetitive from here on out. Another good collection of poppy rock songs that... more
Come Pick Me Up Superchunk 8/10 Mostly more of the same from Superchunk but with a lot more non-rock instrumentation like strings and woodwinds thrown in here... more
Here's to Shutting Up Superchunk 7/10 When this record arrived, you could sense the downward trajectory of this band. Not that this is a bad record—Here's to... more
Superchunk Superchunk 8/10 Superchunk has followed a rather standard indie band trajectory by starting their career with a rough, punky debut before... more
No Pocky for Kitty Superchunk 10/10 This was my introduction to Superchunk so, although I don't think it's their best, it still is one of my favorites. The only... more
On the Mouth Superchunk 10/10 Although it can be a toss-up between On the Mouth and Foolish, it think this is my favorite Superchunk record... more
Tossing Seeds (89-91) Superchunk 9/10 This is the first of several singles comps Superchunk released over the years. Lots of covers and a few alternate versions of... more
Foolish Superchunk 10/10 For most people, this is Superchunk's finest moment. When this came out, I didn't like it and it took several listens before I... more
Incidental Music 1991-95 Superchunk 7/10 The second singles collection from Superchunk is a bit more of a hodgepodge than the last. There are a few great songs but... more
Copper Blue Sugar 8/10 I've never really liked most of Bob Mould's solo efforts (and later-era Hüsker Dü for that matter). I thought Black Sheets... more
Everything Is Falling Apart Subsonics 8/10 This bands rocks in a Cramp's style rockabilly sound with a heavy dose of The Velvet Underground. The mix is stripped down to... more
Good Violence Subsonics 8/10 Judging from the cover, Subsonics not only borrowed much of their sound from The Velvet Underground they also adopted an... more
Pow Wow Plus Stephen Mallinder 8/10 Part of a Cabaret Voltaire three-pack I bought. Natural sounds take dominance over the usual electronic noise. If you like... more
Ecologia Del Delitto / Gli Orrori Del Castello Di Norimberga / Cani Arrabbiati Stelvio Cipriani 7/10 This is a double CD set of Mario Bava soundtracks. Cipriani's work is a little corny at times. To my ears, it's often... more
Astral Astronauts Spoozys 9/10 Spoozys were one of the half dozen or so Japanese bands I saw perform at Japan Nite 2001. Spoozy were my favorite act the... more
Let it Come Down Spiritualized 10/10 I was never much into this band when they were making waves in the late nineties. At some point I decided to give Ladies... more
Amazing Grace Spiritualized 6/10 Apparently, the idea with this record was that Spiritualized would reign in the huge arrangements and get back to basics. Well... more
Break Like the Wind Spinal Tap 4/10 I so much wanted this record to be more than it was. The original Spinal Tap soundtrack was legendary and, even if this didn't... more
Stratosphere Boogie: The Flaming Guitars Of Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant 10/10 Hott DAMN!! Insane steel guitar-guitar combo. It's kinda like the Ren and Stimpy theme but more insane and with slide guitar.... more
Hello Young Lovers Sparks 10/10 A masterpiece of epic, symphonic goofiness and left-of-center pop structuring. This, along with Lil' Beethoven is... more
Music That You Can Dance To Sparks 8/10 Technically this CD is titled The Best of Sparks: Music That You Can Dance To. I imagine that horribly misleading... more
Interior Design Sparks 4/10 My least favorite Sparks album (Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat is a close second). Pre-2000s Sparks have tended to... more
Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins Sparks 9/10 After Interior Design, Sparks wisely took a six year break to go back to their rooms and think about what they had... more
Balls Sparks 7/10 Although still a dance music record, Balls feels a little more like a rock than Gratuitous Sax ever did. I... more