Robert's Record Reviews

I've accumulated a pretty big record/cd collection and, from time to time, I used to write reviews of the latest additions to my collection. Lately, I haven't bought much music. That whole "you turn 30 and buying CDs doesn't seem to be that important" thing hit me. Lately, I have been working my way back through my collection and trying to listen to everything again and put down my thoughts here.

I also have an alternate cover view of this page too.

Title Artist Rating Body
1000 Hurts Shellac 9/10 When this came out it felt like a return to form for Shellac. It opens with the fantastic "Prayer to God" which, upon first… more
154 Wire 10/10 Wire is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. Sure they're arty and all, but I can't get over the richness of their songs… more
1984 (For the Love of Big Brother) Eurythmics 9/10 Although technically speaking this is a soundtrack, I don't think any of these songs made it into the film 1984. That'… more
712 Shonen Knife 8/10 I take back a little about what I said in my Pretty Little Baka Guy post. This record definitely has an obvious Beatles vibe… more
9 Public Image Ltd. 8/10 9 is more or less a continuation of what Public Image Ltd. was doing on Happy? If anything, I think I like a… more
96 Tears Question Mark and the Mysterians 9/10 This is a recent reissue of the 1966 album of the same name. This is an excellent collection of great 60's garage tunes by… more
A Bell Is a Cup Until it Is Struck Wire 10/10 Wire continues its slide towards mid-eighties dance music with this collection of songs. There's a dreamy, goth-y quality to… more
A Challenge to the Cowards of Christendom Knights of the New Crusade, The 10/10 A great follow up to their first Christian garage-rock album. The one is even scuzzier and louder and ends with a great tune… more
A Far Out Disc Toy Dolls 10/10 Toy Dolls second album has a little more polish than the first and even includes a radio spot for that first LP! While every… more
A-Z Colin Newman 10/10 After creating three of the greatest records of the early punk years, Wire fractured into various solo projects. As far as I am… more
Absolute Polysics Polysics 9/10 Absolute Polysics is Polysics at their spazziest. It was pretty jarring a first but I have come to like this record… more
Absolutely Madness 8/10 Not as ska-rific as their first record, yet lacking the pop brilliance of their later records. But still, it's Madness so it's… more
Absurd-Ditties Toy Dolls 9/10 After a string of just okay records, The Toy Dolls finally released an LP that almost stands up to their… more
Agents With False Memories Richard H. Kirk 5/10 Cabaret Voltaire's final album ended with a dazzling, CD filling track that drifted between various sonic themes and styles,… more
Ages 3 and Up Supernova 7/10 After loving Servotron's latest, and hearing about the similarites with that band, I decided to give Supernova a try. At first… more
All Night Burner Crown Royals, The 5/10 Do you like G.E. Smith and the Saturday Night Live Band? Do you view Paul Shaffer as a musical Legend? Then maybe you'll enjoy… more
All-Time Greatest Hits Les Paul & Mary Ford 8/10 A nice little collection of Les Paul & Mary Ford. As one might expect, Lots of fast harpsichord sounding guitars and multi-… more
Amazing Grace Spiritualized 6/10 Apparently, the idea with this record was that Spiritualized would reign in the huge arrangements and get back to basics. Well… more
America's Funnyman Neil Hamburger 10/10 Neil's premiere long player is an instant classic. It's much less off the wall (e.g. there's no obvious laugh track) than his 7… more
An Invitation to Planet Mace Untamed Youth 9/10 This is the long awaited new release from these kings of Jethro Rock™ And this is one of their best records to date. Along with… more
Anthology Vapors, The 10/10 This is basically a CD repackaging of New Clear Days with about a third of the songs from Magnets. The Vapors… more
Apocalypse Now Coppola, Carmine and Francis Coppola 9/10 Not so much a soundtrack as it is an abridged version of the movie that you can listen along with, the double CD Apocalypse… more
Around the World With Satan's Pilgrims Satan's Pilgrims 9/10 A collection of mildly exotica inspired tune from this Portland surf band. It's much better than some of their earlier releases… more
Art of the State Quatre Tête 7/10 My band has played with Quatre Tête a few times now. They share our taste for weird time signatures and, what's the term, more
As Above, So Below POLES, tHE 9/10 The capitalization challenged tHE POLES are one of the few bands that Nonagon has played with that I actually really like. This… more
Astral Astronauts Spoozys 9/10 Spoozys were one of the half dozen or so Japanese bands I saw perform at Japan Nite 2001. Spoozy were my favorite act the… more
At Action Park Shellac 10/10 One of the best indie rock records released after I stopped caring about indie rock. Every Shellac album is worth owning. but… more
At Home With Satan's Pilgrims Satan's Pilgrims 7/10 Competent and straightforward surf music from this Portland group. This record isn't the most exciting stuff this band has done… more
At The Fabulous El Morocco Lounge Untamed Youth, The 7/10 This is far from the best starting point if you want to listen to The Untamed Youth. It's a live recording from Las Vegas that… more
Audio Visionaries: Street Pranks and Put-Ons Coyle and Sharpe 9/10 This is the second CD collection of this duo's hilarious Candid Microphone style man-on-the-street interviews from the… more
Back from the Grave Volume 9 Various Artists 7/10 The Back from the Grave series seeks to uncover raw sixties garage rock that has a punk-rock sensibility. It's been… more
Balls Sparks 7/10 Although still a dance music record, Balls feels a little more like a rock than Gratuitous Sax ever did. I… more
Bare Faced Cheek Toy Dolls 8/10 From here on out, Toys Dolls records and songs start to follow a pretty standard formula. While every release is guaranteed to… more
Barnyard Favorites Smith's Ranch Boys 7/10 This is a side project by Big Sandy's guitarist. They rock in swingin' western rockabilly style, not unlike the Dave and Deke… more
Bartender the Laugh's On Me Neil Hamburger 10/10 WOW!!! Neil provides the side-splitting fun on this awesome work of comedy genius. It includes his take on religion, birth, and… more
Bastard Colin Newman 9/10 This CD is a nice mix of electronics, processed guitars and throbbing dub-reggae style bass lines. There's nothing particularly… more
Batman Prince 3/10 I think I liked the "Batdance" video on MTV back when this came out. Maybe I was just caught up in Batmania (although I don't… more
Beat, Beat, Beatsville!: Beatnik Rock 'n' Roll Various Artists 9/10 This is a comp of late fifties early sixties novelty rock songs about beatniks. It's very much in-line with stuff like Sin… more
Bedazzled Love Interest, The 8/10 A one-off single featuring drummer extraordinaire Martin Atkins, Jesus Lizard's David Simms, Bowie clone Chirs Connelly and… more
Beers, Steers & Queers (Remixes) Revolting Cocks 5/10 File this one under the "What were we thinking back then?" column. In 1991, this was the bees knees in and around my campus… more