Robert's Record Reviews

I've accumulated a pretty big record/cd collection and, from time to time, I used to write reviews of the latest additions to my collection. Lately, I haven't bought much music. That whole "you turn 30 and buying CDs doesn't seem to be that important" thing hit me. Lately, I have been working my way back through my collection and trying to listen to everything again and put down my thoughts here.

I also have an alternate cover view of this page too.

Title Artist Rating Body
Tossing Seeds (89-91) Superchunk 9/10 This is the first of several singles comps Superchunk released over the years. Lots of covers and a few alternate versions of… more
Foolish Superchunk 10/10 For most people, this is Superchunk's finest moment. When this came out, I didn't like it and it took several listens before I… more
Incidental Music 1991-95 Superchunk 7/10 The second singles collection from Superchunk is a bit more of a hodgepodge than the last. There are a few great songs but… more
Here's Where the Strings Come In Superchunk 10/10 I may have to reassess where Foolish resides in the Superchunk pantheon. This CD pretty much took the direction set… more
The Laughter Guns Superchunk 8/10 Four pretty good songs and 45 minute long recording from a community radio program in which the hosts deconstruct the lyrics to… more
Indoor Living Superchunk 8/10 These Superchunk reviews are going to get a bit repetitive from here on out. Another good collection of poppy rock songs that… more
Come Pick Me Up Superchunk 8/10 Mostly more of the same from Superchunk but with a lot more non-rock instrumentation like strings and woodwinds thrown in here… more
Here's to Shutting Up Superchunk 7/10 When this record arrived, you could sense the downward trajectory of this band. Not that this is a bad record’Here's to… more
This Side Up Supercollider 10/10 Supercollider is my favorite band from the nineties that no one seems to know about. I found about them after reading a short… more
Dual Supercollider 10/10 This is the better of the two Supercollider CDs. The sound is much bigger and they had gotten much more skilled at crafting… more
Ages 3 and Up Supernova 7/10 After loving Servotron's latest, and hearing about the similarites with that band, I decided to give Supernova a try. At first… more
Roundhouse Tar 7/10 This CD actually compiles Tar's first two releases: Handsome and Roundhouse. While I like many of tunes on… more
Jackson Tar 10/10 This probably is Tar's best record. It's a wall of loud, lumbering guitars and driving bass lines. This is pretty much what… more
Clincher Tar 9/10 This feels like it must be outtakes or extras from Jackson. "G7" and "Teetering" are the best tracks on the EP. Some… more
Toast Tar 8/10 While this disc starts out with a couple of great Tar tunes it doesn't quite keep the energy up like Jackson does. As… more
Over and Out Tar 9/10 More Tar being Tar. This one has crystal clear production and, wouldn't you know it, a little bit of variety in the song… more
Ghosts Techno-Animal 6/10 I thought that Techno-Animal, being the electronic side project of the guitarist from Godflesh, would sound more like the… more
Get Action! Teengenerate 6/10 Teengenerate are what I would describe as a Ramones-y punk band. They are much faster and certainly less tuneful than the… more
The Meadowlands The Wrens 8/10 I got this CD as a gift from my brother several years ago. I understand why he got it for me. It sits firmly in the land of "… more
Planet Pimp Records Presents...Thee Shatners Thee Shatners 10/10 One of the best releases from Planet Pimp Records is this Star Trek themed collection of surf music. A rare benefit of being… more
They Might Be Giants They Might Be Giants 8/10 Yeah, I get it. You went to art school you clever bastards. Fun, smart pop songs, it's no surprise they have become children's… more
Flood They Might Be Giants 4/10 Nobody needs to own more than one They Might Be Giants album. While I enjoy the "hits" on this record, for the most part it… more
You Guys Kill Me Third Eye Foundation 7/10 There was a time in the early 2000's when I thought I might be able to expand my electronica tastes beyond Richard H. Kirk.… more
Smells Like the Big Time Three Stoned Men 8/10 As the band name may suggest, this album contains a bunch of songs about smoking dope. This trio is lead by David Nudelman and… more
Ten Years of Toys Toy Dolls 9/10 I got this back when it came out and it was about the only way to get Toy Dolls on CD here in the States (I only had the first… more
Fat Bob's Feet Toy Dolls 7/10 This CD includes the embarrassing bonus track "Turtle Crazy!" which is a song about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Aside… more
Absurd-Ditties Toy Dolls 9/10 After a string of just okay records, The Toy Dolls finally released an LP that almost stands up to their… more
Orcastrated Toy Dolls 6/10 What's with the "Z" in Toy Dollz? That was the first sign that this might be a questionable release. In fact I think… more
Twenty-Two Tunes Live From Tokyo Toy Dolls 8/10 Another new record label and another quick cash in on the band's older songs. This time it's a live set from the Wakey… more
Singles 83/84 Toy Dolls 9/10 This CD compiles four of the band's early 7" singles. This was when the Toy Dolls were at their punkiest. So, despite its short… more
Dig That Groove Baby Toy Dolls 10/10 Toy Dolls skirt the edge of punk rock and novelty music. As such there will be some people who will find them very annoying,… more
A Far Out Disc Toy Dolls 10/10 Toy Dolls second album has a little more polish than the first and even includes a radio spot for that first LP! While every… more
Idle Gossip Toy Dolls 10/10 This is the last truly great Toy Dolls record. It could have been their best release, but it suffers from some odd production… more
Bare Faced Cheek Toy Dolls 8/10 From here on out, Toys Dolls records and songs start to follow a pretty standard formula. While every release is guaranteed to… more
Wakey Wakey! Toy Dolls 7/10 Well from here on out these records are business as usual. The highlights on this CD are "There's a Trollop up Elmwood Street… more
Tube City! The Best of the Trashmen! Trashmen, The 9/10 The Trashmen were a standout band from the surf era known mostly for their hit, "Surfin' Bird." That single captures much of… more
The Great Lost Trashmen Album! Trashmen, The 9/10 Another fine collection of Trashmen recordings. Not much to add here except that these were all previously unreleased and there… more
Trio Trio 10/10 This was a weird import CD when I got it and it turns out there are about two dozen versions of this release in various formats… more
Snake Creeps Down Triple Whip 8/10 This Champaign-Urbana trio was the first band with which Nonagon ever played a show. The songs are very much in the tradition… more
Horsepower Triple Whip 8/10 What do you do when your guitarist/singer packs up and leaves town? You soldier on as an instrumental bass and drums duo!… more