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I've accumulated a pretty big record/cd collection and, from time to time, I used to write reviews of the latest additions to my collection. Lately, I haven't bought much music. That whole "you turn 30 and buying CDs doesn't seem to be that important" thing hit me. Lately, I have been working my way back through my collection and trying to listen to everything again and put down my thoughts here.

I also have an alternate cover view of this page too.

Album Title Artist Ratingsort descending
Tube City! The Best of the Trashmen! Trashmen, The 9/10 The Trashmen were a standout band from the surf era known mostly for their hit, "Surfin' Bird." That single captures much of... more
Sport Fishin' - The Lure of the Bait, The Luck of the Hook Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet 9/10 The final Shadowy Men album sounds much better than its predecessors thanks mostly to Albini's roomy recording style. However,... more
Days Away Nonagon 9/10 As you may know, I play bass in a band called Nonagon. Well, it turns out we weren't as clever as we thought we were when we... more
Strays Wire 9/10 I got this CD as a bonus from ordering Red Barked Tree directly from Wire mail order. The disc opens with re-... more
Sing and Play the Three Doctors and Other Sounds of Today Zip Code Rapists 9/10 Before Gregg Turkington was creating anti-comedy as Neil Hamburger, he was, along with guitarist John Singer, creating anti-... more
Tossing Seeds (89-91) Superchunk 9/10 This is the first of several singles comps Superchunk released over the years. Lots of covers and a few alternate versions of... more
Two Nuns and a Pack Mule Rapeman 9/10 There's still quite a bit of Big Black's sound in this Albini follow up project. The guitar (there's only one this time around... more
Project Infinity Man... or Astroman? 9/10 Another good release with slightly better production quality than their previous Estrus recordings.
The Great Lost Trashmen Album! Trashmen, The 9/10 Another fine collection of Trashmen recordings. Not much to add here except that these were all previously unreleased and there... more
Sandoz in Dub: Chapter Two / Extra Time (Under the Stones) Sandoz 9/10 It looks like these days Richard H. Kirk is only releasing his music via iTunes. Personally, I prefer the way Amazon handles... more
The Curse of La Lloroña Monarchs, The 9/10 The Monarchs were a 90s garage band from Michigan for which I have always had a big soft spot. Their  LP, Et Vincere et... more
1984 (For the Love of Big Brother) Eurythmics 9/10 Although technically speaking this is a soundtrack, I don't think any of these songs made it into the film 1984. That'... more
Apocalypse Now Coppola, Carmine and Francis Coppola 9/10 Not so much a soundtrack as it is an abridged version of the movie that you can listen along with, the double CD Apocalypse... more
Stop, Rock, and Roll Drags, The 9/10 This debut full-lengther from Tucson's the Drags clocks in at under 20 minutes. But this LP offers more in that scant amount of... more
The Horror Films Collections, Volume 2 Various Artists 9/10 This compilation covers Italian films from the early Seventies all the way to 1991's Hobgoblin and features... more
Obento Alternative DS i Love You 9/10 DS i Love You is actually one man, Kanji Honma, a Nintendo DSi and the excellent Korg DS cartridge. Given that credo, you might... more
Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights Raymond Scott 9/10 In the past, most people's introduction to Raymond Scott came when some hipster nerd told them that the music from Looney... more
1000 Hurts Shellac 9/10 When this came out it felt like a return to form for Shellac. It opens with the fantastic "Prayer to God" which, upon first... more
Sympathy Sessions Oblivians 9/10 This CD compiles all the Oblivians' Sympathy for the Record Industry records on one CD. There are quite a few "hits" here... more
Elvis Presley Elvis Presley 9/10 This is so much better than the overrated Clash album that stole its cover design. I think people forget just how raw and... more
Instruments of Terror Laika and the Cosmonauts 9/10 Some of the best 90s surf revival music you can find. On par with The Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet with lots of organ mixed... more
Knight Vision: Hymns for the Invisible Church Knights of the New Crusade, The 9/10 This is what happens when you give up on new music. You stop paying attention to music press and new releases and then great... more
Death by Unga Bunga!! Mummies, The 9/10 The final gasp from the kings of Budget Rock, The Mummies! This is their only legimately released CD and is yet another... more
An Invitation to Planet Mace Untamed Youth 9/10 This is the long awaited new release from these kings of Jethro Rock™ And this is one of their best records to date. Along with... more
Extra Width Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 9/10 The Blues Explosion (at least on these earlier recordings) occupies a nice space between the raw, rootsy rock of bands like the... more
Doolittle Pixies 9/10 Like most non-hipsters in the late eighties, this was my introduction to the Pixies. I think majority of people consider this... more
Killing Joke (2003) Killing Joke 9/10 Killing Joke proves they can still crank up the angst on yet another "comeback" album. There's no innovation here, but the... more
96 Tears Question Mark and the Mysterians 9/10 This is a recent reissue of the 1966 album of the same name. This is an excellent collection of great 60's garage tunes by... more
The Greatest Gift Scratch Acid 9/10 I discovered Scratch Acid after becoming a The Jesus Lizard worshiper. At the time I remember thinking, despite have 50% of the... more
Youth Runs Wild Untamed Youth 9/10 This is the follow-up to Planet Mace and continues much along the same lines. They rely a bit less on originals this time. U.Y... more
Wilful Days Killing Joke 9/10 A great collection of singles and extended mixes from the EG years. I had a few of these on 7" vinyl and it was nice to get... more
Liar Jesus Lizard, The 9/10 Goat laid the ground rules for the Jesus Lizard's sound and Liar solidified it into a formula. It's a swell formula indeed, but... more
Elvis Double Features: Viva Las Vegas / Roustabout Elvis Presley 9/10 Another great two movie compilation from The King. Everyone knows how great "Viva Las Vegas" is, but track two, "If You Think I... more
Replicas Tubeway Army 9/10 After having owned and loved The Pleasure Principle for years, I finally expanded my Gary Numan collection with this... more
As Above, So Below POLES, tHE 9/10 The capitalization challenged tHE POLES are one of the few bands that Nonagon has played with that I actually really like. This... more
Lolita Nelson Riddle 9/10 Although a couple of the pieces on this soundtrack recording sound like they came straight from The Donna Reed Show,... more
Absolute Polysics Polysics 9/10 Absolute Polysics is Polysics at their spazziest. It was pretty jarring a first but I have come to like this record... more
Twelve Winds POLES, tHE 9/10 Twelve Winds is much like their As Above, So Below EP but with more songs! (They must have learned from the... more
Presenting Jackie and the Cedrics Jackie and the Cedrics 9/10 Jackie and the Cedrics are a surf revival band hailing from Japan. In addition to Jackie's trademark hyperactive drumming,... more
Il Gatto A Nove Code Ennio Morricone 9/10 With the exception of the title song, "Ninna Nanna In Blu," all of the tracks on this CD are solid Morricone thriller ambiance... more