Robert's Record Reviews

I've accumulated a pretty big record/cd collection and, from time to time, I used to write reviews of the latest additions to my collection. Lately, I haven't bought much music. That whole "you turn 30 and buying CDs doesn't seem to be that important" thing hit me. Lately, I have been working my way back through my collection and trying to listen to everything again and put down my thoughts here.

I also have an alternate cover view of this page too.

Title Artist Rating Body
Nevermind Nirvana 8/10 The importance of this record cannot be understated, however, I do think the quality of the music might be slightly overrated… more
Browsing Beauty Noiseborder Ensemble, The 8/10 A pair of arty, ambient soundscapes featuring a nice blend of electronics and natural instrumentation.
Sex Mad / You Kill Me Nomeansno 9/10 Any Nomeansno record is going to get compared with their masterpiece, Wrong. No, they'll never match the perfection of… more
Days Away Nonagon 9/10 As you may know, I play bass in a band called Nonagon. Well, it turns out we weren't as clever as we thought we were when we… more
Sympathy Sessions Oblivians 9/10 This CD compiles all the Oblivians' Sympathy for the Record Industry records on one CD. There are quite a few "hits" here… more
Oblivians Play 9 Songs with Mr. Quintron Oblivians 10/10 A concept album from the Oblivians, the kings of overdriven blues trash?!? Well, kinda... this is a collection of gospel tunes… more
Popular Favorites Oblivians 10/10 Another amazing release from these lo-fi Memphis rockers. Buy this record! It will change your life... well,… more
The Other Ones Other Ones, The 6/10 This is one of the first CDs I ever bought. I really have no idea what I was thinking at the time because it's kind of lame. I… more
Trait Pailhead 8/10 Ministry with Ian MacKaye on vocals. Pretty much sounds like all of the Ministry side projects of that era. Better than later… more
First Album Pebbles, The 8/10 The Pebbles are a fun, all-girl garage band from Japan. They are no where near as frantic as The but what they lack… more
Futuremuzik Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra 10/10 Peter Thomas' arrangements live somewhere between the wacky space-age pop of Esquivel and the brassy action movie scores of… more
Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian Petty Booka 8/10 Cutesy ukulele pop from Japan. Half the songs are just the two girls, their ukes and some sweet vocal harmonies. The rest of… more
The Exciting Sounds of Model Road Racing Phantom Surfers, The 9/10 This is probably only the second record ever made of instrumental surf music devoted to the hobby of slot car racing. The first… more
The Phantom Surfers and Dick Dale Phantom Surfers, The 8/10 This is a surprisingly straightforward Phantom Surfers record. The premise behind this record is that it is with Dick Dale… more
XXX Party Phantom Surfers, The 10/10 After years of releasing full-length surf records sprinkled with a few jokes and some schtick, The Phantom Surfers finally made… more
The Great Surf Crash of '97 Phantom Surfers, The 8/10 The title of this great release refers to the recent glut of surf bands out there. The cover art is in the style of Mad… more
Fresh Gasoline Phono-Comb 6/10 Phono-Comb is comprised of the Shadowy Men's rhythm section and a new guitarist. The songs are in the same vein as Shadowy Men… more
Gub Pigface 7/10 The first full-length record from Martin Atkins all-star review. Very drum centric as one would expect’on many of the tracks it… more
Come on Pilgrim Pixies 8/10 The Pixies debut sets the stage for the better work to come. Raw and punky but not quite there yet.
Surfer Rosa Pixies 10/10 The Pixies finest recording. Great raw, live-sounding production by Abini. Many people like Dolittle better than this… more
Doolittle Pixies 9/10 Like most non-hipsters in the late eighties, this was my introduction to the Pixies. I think majority of people consider this… more
Bosa Nova Pixies 6/10 And so begins the steady demise of Pixies. This is where the band completely lost hold of any punk roots it may have had and… more
Planet P Project Planet P Project 2/10 If you weren't born before 1980 you may not remember this, but there was a time, early on in the CD era, when an album's mere… more
As Above, So Below POLES, tHE 9/10 The capitalization challenged tHE POLES are one of the few bands that Nonagon has played with that I actually really like. This… more
Twelve Winds POLES, tHE 9/10 Twelve Winds is much like their As Above, So Below EP but with more songs! (They must have learned from the… more
We Ate the Machine Polysics 8/10 Polysics were another band (along with Lolita #18, Spoozys, Mummy the Peepshow, and Number Girl) that I saw at the excellent… more
Absolute Polysics Polysics 9/10 Absolute Polysics is Polysics at their spazziest. It was pretty jarring a first but I have come to like this record… more
Slow Note from a Sinking Ship Portastatic 6/10 Mac McCaughan's solo project sounds more or less like Superchunk with lower fidelity and lower fun. When I listen to it I… more
Clock Street Poster Children 7/10 This is a 4-song CD single that includes two tracks from Tool of the Man and two new songs. "Everything Burns" is a… more
Just Like You Poster Children 9/10 Just Like You is a really solid EP. The band is slowly moving away from their drone-laden "Champaign '92" sound an… more
Junior Citizen Poster Children 10/10 This is Poster Children at their very best. After pretty much defining the drone-tastic Champaign-Urbana style of the early 90'… more
RTFM Poster Children 9/10 This record starts out with a bang and is almost as good as Junior Citizen. A couple of the songs near the end aren't… more
New World Record Poster Children 5/10 Well, the Poster Children's run of awesome albums ends here at about track 3. I like the inclusion of synths and always… more
DDD Poster Children 8/10 Poster Children finally return to form after their less-than-stellar New World Record CD. I guess they decided to forget about… more
Flower Plower Poster Children 6/10 Just about every Poster Children album has one weird, out-of-place song that either very poppy ("If You See Kay") or takes a… more
Daisychain Reaction Poster Children 9/10 This is the first Poster Children CD that I bought at the time of its release. This was back when they were quickly becoming… more
Tool of the Man Poster Children 9/10 After the Poster Children moved to a major label they began to sound tighter, punchier, less-droney and they started mixing… more
Floyd Lloyd & the Potato 5 Meet Laurel Aitken Potato 5, The Featuring Floyd Lloyd Seivright 8/10 This CD has a bit of a branding problem. Is it a Potato 5 record? Laurel Aitken? Floyd Lloyd? In any event, this is a ska… more
Sailing the Seas of Cheese Primus 4/10 Conceptually, Primus is a great band. Weird humorous lyrics, bizarre singing, complicated song structures and expert playing… more
Batman Prince 3/10 I think I liked the "Batdance" video on MTV back when this came out. Maybe I was just caught up in Batmania (although I don't… more