Robert's Record Reviews

I've accumulated a pretty big record/cd collection and, from time to time, I used to write reviews of the latest additions to my collection. Lately, I haven't bought much music. That whole "you turn 30 and buying CDs doesn't seem to be that important" thing hit me. Lately, I have been working my way back through my collection and trying to listen to everything again and put down my thoughts here.

I also have an alternate cover view of this page too.

Title Artist Rating Body
Walkin' with Link Link Wray 10/10 This CD compiles Link's early sixties recordings on Epic records. Half the tracks are unreleased versions of songs including… more
Walk on the Wild Side: The Best of Lou Reed Lou Reed 3/10 I think this is pretty much the antithesis of the kind of music I like. I find Lou Reed (at least this solo stuff) mind-… more
Bedazzled Love Interest, The 8/10 A one-off single featuring drummer extraordinaire Martin Atkins, Jesus Lizard's David Simms, Bowie clone Chirs Connelly and… more
Absolutely Madness 8/10 Not as ska-rific as their first record, yet lacking the pop brilliance of their later records. But still, it's Madness so it's… more
My Pet Fish Malka Spigel 8/10 Being as it's the same two people making music, My Pet Fish is a nice complement to Colin Newman's, Bastard.… more
Intravenous Television Continuum Man or Astroman? 8/10 Another hit-or-miss hodgepodge of redos and covers. Production quality is better than most of the band's previous releases.
Made From Technetium Man or Astroman? 10/10 The band's second Touch 'n' Go release is one of their best. For the most part, they have abandoned their surf rock roots for a… more
What Remains Inside a Black Hole Man or Astroman? 7/10 I think this record has been remastered since I got this CD. In any event, a business-as-usual release for MorA? I think around… more
Experiment Zero Man... or Astroman? 9/10 This release represents a revitalized MorA? after a string of average releases. Albini's production makes the band sound a bit… more
Is It... Man or Astro-Man? Man... or Astroman? 10/10 Man or Astroman? at their surf-iest. This is pretty much the blueprint for all of their pre Touch and Go records’when they didn… more
Destroy All Astromen!! Man... or Astroman? 10/10 The first of many singles compilations from MorA? These early singles were some of the best racks the band ever created… more
Your Weight on the Moon Man... or Astroman? 8/10 Another early MorA? release with a new version of "Destination Venus" and several other good songs.
Project Infinity Man... or Astroman? 9/10 Another good release with slightly better production quality than their previous Estrus recordings.
Live Transmissions From Uranus Man... or Astroman? 7/10 MorA? had a tendency to re-release songs over-and-over during their early years. This live album is yet another collection of… more
Marassa Duo Marassa Duo 10/10 Ever since the release of the movie Drum Line, percussion ensemble music has been all the rage. 50% of Marassa Duo is… more
Every Song we Fuckin' Know Marauders, Los 7/10 This is one twisted piece of work. It contains a bunch of fun rockabilly tunes. All of them are accented by lead singer Nobody'… more
Muzik for Insomniaks Vol. 1 Mark Mothersbaugh 6/10 This is a collection of digital synthesizer compositions by Devo's frontman, Mark Motherbaugh. The songs a very similar to Devo… more
Muzik for Insomniaks Vol. 2 Mark Mothersbaugh 6/10 Another collection of "EZ Listening" synth arrangements by Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh. There's not much to differentiate this… more
Et Vincere et Mori Monarchs, The 9/10 Lo-Fi rockers!!! Snotty female lead vocals. Some of the best garage music from the 90s.
The Curse of La Lloroña Monarchs, The 9/10 The Monarchs were a 90s garage band from Michigan for which I have always had a big soft spot. Their  LP, Et Vincere et… more
The Monkees Greatest Hits Monkees, The 8/10 They may have been a fake band and all, but they had Neil Diamond writing songs for them and that's enough to make The Monkees… more
T.S.B. (Tom's Strip and Bowl) Mono Men 4/10 As much as I appreciate Dave Crider and his label Estrus Records, I could never get in to his band, Mono Men. They always… more
The Monty Python Instant Record Collection Monty Python 8/10 This is a compilation CD of some of Monty Python's most memorable skits. Many of the tracks are live performances, there are… more
The Final Rip Off Monty Python 9/10 Another great 2 CD collection of skits to memorize with your nerd friends. You know how they always say that CDs have a shelf… more
Bulletproof Mortals, The 8/10 Straight forward rock with a slight 60s garage vibe. By its very nature this is derivative music and can live or die based on… more
Ritual Dimension of Sound Mortals, The 7/10 One of the better bands in the slew of Estrus record's straightforward garage rock outfits. They are always better when they… more
Last Time Around Mortals, The 7/10 This is the final full length from the great band, The Mortals. This, however, is a collection of previously released material… more
Idiology Mouse on Mars 8/10 I bought this CD after a talk from one of the members of Negativeland who recommended the band. This is a hodgepodge of styles… more
Runnin' on Empty Vols. 1 & 2 Mummies, The 10/10 The title is very appropriate for this posthumous release from one of the greatest garage rock bands. These two records are… more
Death by Unga Bunga!! Mummies, The 9/10 The final gasp from the kings of Budget Rock, The Mummies! This is their only legimately released CD and is yet another… more
Fuck the Mummies Mummies, The 7/10 This is a bootleg CD release of The Mummies' shelved debut record. The recordings are uncharacteristically clean and… more
This Is Egg Speaking... Mummy the Peepshow 7/10 An all-girl Japanese punk band that I saw at Japan Nite 2000 at the Fireside Bowl. Music varies from catchy, fun cutsey-pop (… more
Corpuscle Murder Inc. 5/10 Murder Inc. is basically early 90's Killing Joke with Chris Connelly singing instead of Jaz Coleman. Without the nervous energy… more
Murder Inc. Murder Inc. 6/10 The first full length release from this band is just more of the same. Impotent Killing Joke with a Chris Connelly's David… more
Boots Nancy Sinatra 9/10 Nancy Sinatra may be best known for being the sister of the great Frank Sinatra Jr., but she also, with the help of Lee… more
America's Funnyman Neil Hamburger 10/10 Neil's premiere long player is an instant classic. It's much less off the wall (e.g. there's no obvious laugh track) than his 7… more
Bartender the Laugh's On Me Neil Hamburger 10/10 WOW!!! Neil provides the side-splitting fun on this awesome work of comedy genius. It includes his take on religion, birth, and… more
Lolita Nelson Riddle 9/10 Although a couple of the pieces on this soundtrack recording sound like they came straight from The Donna Reed Show,… more
Republic New Order 4/10 New Order always has at least one great track on each of their records ("Regret" in this case). They fill the rest of the CD… more
Nig-Heist Nig-Heist 8/10 This is quite possibly the most retarded band ever. They are like a friendlier version of GG Allin or, at their best, the… more