Robert's Record Reviews

I've accumulated a pretty big record/cd collection and, from time to time, I used to write reviews of the latest additions to my collection. Lately, I haven't bought much music. That whole "you turn 30 and buying CDs doesn't seem to be that important" thing hit me. Lately, I have been working my way back through my collection and trying to listen to everything again and put down my thoughts here.

I also have an alternate cover view of this page too.

Title Artist Rating Body
Dirt Track Date Southern Culture on the Skids 10/10 The major label follow-up to Ditch Diggin' is every bit as good and the production sounds much better. Even thought it… more
Disposable Half-Truths Richard H. Kirk 6/10 This is an early solo effort from Cabaret Voltaire's Richard H. Kirk. It came in a three-pack CD set with a Malinder's Pow… more
Ditch Diggin' Southern Culture on the Skids 10/10 Probably my favorite record by SCOTS. All of the checklist items are here: a little twangy country rock, a little reverby surf… more
Dollface Lights the Pilot!!! Dollface 10/10 This band was perhaps the best kept R'n'R secret in the nation. Hailing from the not-so-exciting Peoria, IL, these guys have… more
Doolittle Pixies 9/10 Like most non-hipsters in the late eighties, this was my introduction to the Pixies. I think majority of people consider this… more
Down Jesus Lizard, The 8/10 I like the cover of this one. This CD continues along the lines of Liar. The songs aren't as memorable, but there are… more
Dual Supercollider 10/10 This is the better of the two Supercollider CDs. The sound is much bigger and they had gotten much more skilled at crafting… more
Ecologia Del Delitto / Gli Orrori Del Castello Di Norimberga / Cani Arrabbiati Stelvio Cipriani 7/10 This is a double CD set of Mario Bava soundtracks. Cipriani's work is a little corny at times. To my ears, it's often… more
Edda Dell'Orso Performs Ennio Morricone Edda Dell'Orso 10/10 This is an absolutely perfect compilation of Ennio Morricone songs all of which feature the theremin-esque vocals of Edda Dell'… more
Electrical Power Sources for the Electrocution and Extinction of the Human Race... Servotron 6/10 Another single from this ManorAstroman?-esque/Supernova-esque project. Not quite as good as the Bad Birthday single but still… more
Elvis Elvis Presley 10/10 Unlike his debut album, this one feels much more complete and less like a singles collection. The production is slicker but the… more
Elvis Double Features: Harum Scarum / Double Trouble Elvis Presley 8/10 It's kismet, I tell you. Yesterday, driving around town, I was listening to this CD all day. Lo and behold, that night, as we… more
Elvis Double Features: Spinout / Double Trouble Elvis Presley 10/10 Spinout remains my favorite Elvis record. You could pair it with thirty minutes modem noises and this CD would still… more
Elvis Double Features: Viva Las Vegas / Roustabout Elvis Presley 9/10 Another great two movie compilation from The King. Everyone knows how great "Viva Las Vegas" is, but track two, "If You Think I… more
Elvis Presley Elvis Presley 9/10 This is so much better than the overrated Clash album that stole its cover design. I think people forget just how raw and… more
Entertainment Program for Humans (Second Variety) Servotron 10/10 Where have all the good schtick bands gone? Servotron were an awesome concept and the music was equally great. Their second… more
Escalation Ennio Morricone 8/10 There is a lot of variety on this soundtrack. It feels similar to the excellent Danger: Diabolik score. But, unlike… more
Et Vincere et Mori Monarchs, The 9/10 Lo-Fi rockers!!! Snotty female lead vocals. Some of the best garage music from the 90s.
Every Man Got Dreaming Sandoz 8/10 When not using the Sandoz moniker to make intense dub reggae albums, Richard H. Kirk's side project sounds much like his other… more
Every Song we Fuckin' Know Marauders, Los 7/10 This is one twisted piece of work. It contains a bunch of fun rockabilly tunes. All of them are accented by lead singer Nobody'… more
Everything Is Falling Apart Subsonics 8/10 This bands rocks in a Cramp's style rockabilly sound with a heavy dose of The Velvet Underground. The mix is stripped down to… more
Excellent Italian Greyhound Shellac 7/10 I think this is my least favorite Shellac album. Sure there are some great tracks on it, as there are on any Shellac album, but… more
Exotic Creatures of the Deep Sparks 8/10 I wasn't sure what to think of this album when I first listened to it. It feels more like a straightforward rock album than… more
Experiment Zero Man... or Astroman? 9/10 This release represents a revitalized MorA? after a string of average releases. Albini's production makes the band sound a bit… more
Exremities, Dirt and Various Repressed Emotions Killing Joke 8/10 It took Martin Atkins pounding drums to knock some sense back into Jaz Coleman. The band conscientiously returned to its more… more
Extra Width Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 9/10 The Blues Explosion (at least on these earlier recordings) occupies a nice space between the raw, rootsy rock of bands like the… more
Fat Axl Silverfish 7/10 I bought this CD based on their cover of Grand Master Flash's "White Lines." It's a great cover, albeit a bit too long. The… more
Fat Bob's Feet Toy Dolls 7/10 This CD includes the embarrassing bonus track "Turtle Crazy!" which is a song about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Aside… more
Fear of a Punk Planet Vandals, The 4/10 I remember being pretty excited when I bought this CD. I loved the earliest Vandals records and finally being able to get… more
Field / Noise Zebras 8/10 This is a limited issue, three track CD I picked up at a Zebras show. The songs are unlabeled and it's in a hand made CD sleeve… more
Fire Dances Killing Joke 10/10 This is my favorite Killing Joke album. It's a great fusion of the more mainstreamed, dancable Joke that would soon follow and… more
First Album Pebbles, The 8/10 The Pebbles are a fun, all-girl garage band from Japan. They are no where near as frantic as The but what they lack… more
Flood They Might Be Giants 4/10 Nobody needs to own more than one They Might Be Giants album. While I enjoy the "hits" on this record, for the most part it… more
Flower Plower Poster Children 6/10 Just about every Poster Children album has one weird, out-of-place song that either very poppy ("If You See Kay") or takes a… more
Floyd Lloyd & the Potato 5 Meet Laurel Aitken Potato 5, The Featuring Floyd Lloyd Seivright 8/10 This CD has a bit of a branding problem. Is it a Potato 5 record? Laurel Aitken? Floyd Lloyd? In any event, this is a ska… more
Focus on Guitars Lester Peabody 8/10 Lester Peabody is an excellent finger-picking guitarist from Finland. His technical ability is absolutely amazing. At times he… more
Foolish Superchunk 10/10 For most people, this is Superchunk's finest moment. When this came out, I didn't like it and it took several listens before I… more
For Lovers Only Southern Culture on the Skids 7/10 Although there are some great songs on this record ("Nashville Toupee" and "Daddy Was A Preacher But Mama Was A Go-Go Girl"),… more
For Your Own Special Sweetheart Jawbox 8/10 More of Jawbox being Jawbox. The only thing that signing to a major may have changed about the band is that this CD seems to… more
Forbidden Planet Barron, Louis and Bebe 6/10 This is a weird album. It is considered to be one of, if the the first record comprised entirely of electronic sounds and… more