My Movie Journal

Organized by Date Watched

As I get older I find myself forgetting if I'd seen a movie or read a book. Since 2005 I have been keeping track of everything I watch, read and sometimes listen too or play.

There is also a version of this list organized by movie title.

Title Rating Review
Zombi 5: Killing Birds 1/10 Absolutely horrible. It was like a student film from a C student. The overly loud sound of chirping insects will drive you nuts… more
Space Chimps 2/10 Horrible CGI and, except for a handful of gags, not worth your time
Crimson 3/10 Gangster/mad scientist movie that is only worth watching tsee the satyr burlesque number in the middle of the film.
The Happening 4/10 Bad acting and a cheesy premise.
Zombi 3 4/10 Fulci literally phones this one in. A few interesting shots, but mostly poorly paced and horribly acted with no tension
The Antichrist 5/10 Starts out interesting but loses focus in the second, exorcist wannbe, half.
Zombi 4: After Death 5/10 I thought it was better than Zombi 3, but not by much. More gore, and an effective opening. Paper thin plot and characters… more
Dario Argento's Trauma 5/10 It has its moments, but Trauma suffers from horrible dialogue (even for Argento), a wholly inappropriate score and many bad… more
Simpsons: The Movie 5/10 Like a long medicore episode. Very disappointing.
The Odessa File 5/10 Lacks the pacing that could have made this a great spy thriller, and many of the performances are quite wooden. However, the… more
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 6/10 This entry into the series suffers from long stretches not much of anything happening. I suppose you could argue that it's nice… more
Title Rating Review
The Plainsman 2/10 Gary Cooper stars in this black and white western about Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok. It's a very boring movie and much of… more
World War Z 3/10 Well, the book wasn't great, but at least it was a new twist on the zombie genre. The movie is just terrible. The book was a… more
Five Shaolin Masters 4/10 I just bought another Shaw Brothers box set and am watching the films in chronological order. This one has a few familiar faces… more
A Bullet for the General 5/10 The story of a finely attired gringo mercenary who falls in with a group of banditos in a scheme to steal weapons and support… more
The Omega Man 5/10 This classic sets itself up as a last man on Earth drama, but within five minutes kills that premise. The baddies are a set of… more
O.K. Connery 5/10 This mediocre Eurospy movie is based entirely around the stunt casting of Sean Connery's younger brother Neil in the title role… more
One Million Years B.C. 6/10 This movie is precisely as cheesy as one would expect for a low budget, mid-sixties film about bikini clad cave dwellers. My… more
Title Rating Review
Split Second 3/10 A terrible sci-fi monster movie where the action exists mainly in the form of Rutger Hauer grabbing other characters by the… more
You Don't Mess With The Zohan 4/10 A heavy handed attempt at goofball comedy that fails at least 95% of the time. The makers of this film don't seem to grasp how… more
Friday Foster 4/10 You know you are in trouble when the most convincing performance in your film is by Isaac from The Love Boat. Despite… more
Dario Argento's Phantom of the Opera 4/10 After watching this, I think I am pretty close to having seen all of Argento's films. I held off on this one for so long… more
Zonbi Jieitai 4/10 No-budget Japanese zombie movie with a dumb story a few good gore shots and lots of horrible iMovie-quality digital effects. I… more
Ironman 5/10 I am sick of superhero movies. Robert Downey Jr. gives a lively performance as Tony Stark, but, other than that, this is a… more
Anthropophagus 5/10 For a movie that is so imfamous for its gore, there certainly isn't much to see here. The shock moments aren't really that… more
Hercules Against the Barbarians 5/10 How's this for a novel concept: the reason Poles were able to defend their realm against the invading armies of Genghis Khan… more
Troll 2 5/10 Yes, it's as bad as you've heard. Definately falls under the "so bad it's good" category. I would recommend watching this, but… more
Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus 5/10 This film was next in line in my recent rash of bad movies: Troll 2... Birdemic. Unlike those Legendary crap fests, this made-… more
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane 5/10 This was a slight twist on a typical teen slasher movie. A very, very slight twist which you will see coming from a million… more
Gamer 5/10 I can't believe this is not a SciFi Channel movie. It's okay, I guess, but the film tries too hard to be a Paul Verhoeven… more
Title Rating Review
Dracula 3-D 3/10 I have finally gotten around to watching Dario Argento's most recent movie’his 3-D take on the Dracula story. Everything that… more
Fight Back to School 4/10 Stephen Chow could not save this tone deaf action/comedy. Made in the late eighties, there are maybe two or three genuinely… more
The Suspicious Death of a Minor 5/10 A forgettable Italian police drama starring a guy who looks like a young Victor Davis Hansen. Plot was something about… more
Tricky Brains 5/10 Having seen the horrible Fight back to School I wasn't expecting much from this early Stephen Chow comedy. This one at… more
Ant-Man 5/10 Bleh, these super hero movies need to end. While can't say I was bored by Ant-Man, it just felt ho-hum to me. All… more
Title Rating Review
Pulse 3/10 Woah! Joey Lawrence fights a sentient electricity monster. This is a lame made-for-TV quality film that takes forever to get… more
The Decent: Part 2 5/10 A completely unnecessary sequel that really has to defy all logic in order to get the cast members from the first film a little… more
Captain America: The First Avenger 5/10 I didn't really mind the first third of the movie when The Cap'n is all weak and weirdly CGI looking, but the rest of the movie… more
The Green Slime 6/10 This is a late sixties Japanese monster movie but it stars mostly Western actors. The rubber-suit monsters, space ships and… more
Title Rating Review
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 3/10 I was hoping for another Luc Besson film at least on par with The Fifth Element, but this was terrible. It has some of… more
Shin Godzilla 4/10 Jeez, this one felt like sitting through a two hour school board meeting. 95% of the movie is just politicians sitting in rooms… more
The Tricky Master 5/10 I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a sequel to Tricky Brains, but it's just as bad as that film. This is filled with Hong… more
Chopping Mall 5/10 Somewhat self-aware low-budget slasher film about killer robots in a shopping mall. With the exception of one noteworthy moment… more
Esther and the King 5/10 Epic Biblical story which was partially directed by Mario Bava. Joan Collins is a bride to be who is stolen from the altar then… more
Pursued 5/10 This is a relatively action-free western that features Robert Mitchum as a turn of the century cowboy with a predilection for… more
Saturn 3 5/10 I remember seeing this movie in the video store with its super-cool robot on the cover and thinking, "This rated R so it is… more
Title Rating Review
Undead 3/10 Really poorly handled zombie sci-fi movie from Australia. Bad acting not enough gags, and boring
Five Man Army 3/10 Dario Argento wrote this boring Italian Western. Featuring a non-exciting action sequence of a man running for five minutes and… more
The City of the Living Dead (a.k.a. The Gates of Hell) 5/10 More Fulci horror. Not much in terms of memorable scenes here, just the tacked-on drilled head scene. The zombies aren't… more
Ring 2 5/10 Some scary moments, but mostly just retread and patchy story telling.
Title Rating Review
Beyond the Black Rainbow 3/10 I really did not like this movie at all. I was really excited to watch it. The still frames I saw beforehand looked awesome.… more
Liquid Sky 5/10 I can see why, in this time of everyone and their grandma being a cos-player, that this is a cult favorite. It's a stylish,… more
Voices from Beyond 5/10 Well, you can generally count on Lucio Fulci for at least one fun scene in any movie he creates. The majority of Voices… more
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable 5/10 A huge drop in quality for this the third Scorpion movie. Much of the visual flair is gone and the plot, which should be a… more
The Horrible Dr. Hichcock 5/10 This was directed by Riccardo Freda but I wouldn't be surprised if Bava had some behind the scenes role. It's the story of a… more
The Wind Rises 5/10 This has to be the worst Studio Ghibli film I've seen. Of course it's beautiful, but if it wasn't for the craftsmanship of the… more
The Rise of Skywalker 5/10 This was an entertaining mess. I thought The Force Awakens was great, but it is so sad that whatever potential that was set up… more
House of Traps 5/10 An average and confusing Shaw Bros. film. I guess this is a continuation of the Deadly Venoms franchise? The titular… more
Title Rating Review
I Drink Your Blood 3/10 Low budget grindhouse production about killer, satanic hippies. Pretty boring. Only the last, zombie-flick inspired 10 minutes… more
The Devil's Rain 4/10 Even Shatner and Ernest Borgnine in a goat mask can't save this lame devil worshipers movie.
Seven Blood-Stained Orchids 5/10 Ho-hum giallo offering. You can see the earplug in Antonio Sabato's ears at the climax.
Aragami 5/10 The companion piece to 2LDK. Not as good, and a bit too talky and not enough fighting.
Knives of the Avenger 5/10 A viking tale that's a bit too weak on style and action
Buio Omega (Beyond the Darkness) 5/10 Cheesy Italian horror film about a taxidermist who is infatuated with his dead girlfriend. It's a character study without any… more
Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye 5/10 Mildly entertaining giallo. Not terribly suspensful or scary.
A Scanner Darkly 6/10 Mildly intriguing but, beyond the acting, fails on many fronts.
Title Rating Review
Assignment Outer Space 3/10 Low budget sci-fi from the 50s. Only noteworthy for its hard-scifi aspirations.
Dolls 4/10 Stuart Gordan further assures us that Re-animator was a fluke. Bad acting, bad story, and horrible music. There is an okay… more
Curious George 4/10 Very boring. Music gets annoying after a while.
Robot Monster 4/10 One of the worst movies ever made.
Bio Zombie 5/10 Low, low budget Japanese zombie movie. Terrible make-up. No scares. There are a few funny gags though: finger sushi and a… more
Zombie Genocide 5/10 Sixty minute homemade zombie film. Admirable for a bunch of Scottish undergrads, but sloppy as all get out.
Sister Streetfighter 5/10 This sequel has nothing to do with the other 2 Streetfighter movies except for a few shared actors (who aren't even reprising… more
Manhattan Baby 5/10 Lots of really nice close-up facial photography, but a dull plot. Only high point is the stuffed bird attack at the very end.
Title Rating Review
Ultraviolet 3/10 This not so much a movie as it is a seemingly endless collection of stylized hero shots. The dialogue is terrible, the story is… more
Beyond the Door 4/10 This film is an Italian Exorcist rip-off that takes forever to get to the puking, cursing demon action. The first two… more
Decoy 4/10 A mediocre crime film from the forties with lots of hammy acting and a thoroughly ridiculous plot involving reviving an… more
Mr. Moto's Last Warning 4/10 Watch as Peter Lorre plays a Japanese man who is a master of disguise. This movie is pretty boring but it does feature a super-… more
A Doppia Faccia 5/10 Mediocre giallo featuring Klaus Kinski in search of his estranged wife's killer. Noteworthy moments: super fake model train vs… more
Graveyard Disturbance 5/10 Graveyard Disturbance is a silly, made-for-TV quality horror film from Lamberto Bava, and it's surprisingly bloodless… more
Title Rating Review
The Reincarnation of Isabel 4/10 This is a confusing mess of a movie. Somewhere a midst the toplessness is a plot involving vampires, witches and ancient… more
Silent Running 5/10 A dated and preachy science fiction story from the seventies about the last forest of earth being preserved in space ships.… more
Dead Space: Downfall 5/10 The creators of the Dead Space series must be really proud of the little story they came up with because it feels like… more
Title Rating Review
Shanghai Fortress 4/10 Alright, time to dig in to some CGI-heavy, big budget, us vs. the blue laser summer blockbuster fare from that other world… more
Demon City Shinjuku 5/10 Why is so much anime so bad? The plot is as follows: demon destroys city in epic battle, loser's son returns to city with… more
Title Rating Review
Meatball Machine 4/10 After seeing The Machine Girl I was itching for more Japanese splatter, but it turns out most of these movies suck.… more
The Big Doll House 5/10 The Big Doll House is a 70s women-in-prison film which featured Pam Grier in more of a supporting role. The film is… more
The French Sex Murders 5/10 Mediocre giallo from Dick Randall and Mondo Macabro
The House with the Laughing Windows 5/10 I think I have a bias against films where the protagonist has a beard, unless said film contains magic and elves. Seriously,… more
Oira sukeban 5/10 An excuse to have a lot of topless women fight in poorly choreographed battles, while the camera zooms in to their private… more
Title Rating Review
Don't Look Now 4/10 Don't Look Now is known mostly for Donald Sutherland's naked gyrations. I was more impressed with his hobbity mop of… more
The House of Clocks 4/10 Aside from the laugh-out-loud "twist" finale involving a cat, a bag and a car driving down a winding road, this was, overall, a… more
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb 5/10 The second film on the Icons of Horror: Hammer Films is a disappointment. It's completely devoid of any suspense or… more
Prometheus 5/10 What a pretty movie about characters which I couldn't care less about. I wanted so bad to like this movie but it is just so… more
Hobo with a Shotgun 5/10 Although it had its moments, this film feels like it's trying too hard to be hip and cool. It reminded me of one of those… more
Title Rating Review
Star Trek Beyond 5/10 The destruction of this venerable brand continues in this latest reboot sequel. This is not the contemplative sci-fi of the… more
Spirits of the Dead 5/10 Only the last of the three stories in this horror anthology is worth watching. It's directed by Frederico Fellini and is (no… more
The Heroic Ones 5/10 This Shaw Brothers kung-fu swordsman epic is a bit of an overly long mess. The "heroic" characters are kinda jerks who deserve… more
The Neon Demon 5/10 Although billed as a thriller, this is just art film garbage. I guess the point is to show of awful and cutthroat the world of… more
Tombs of the Blind Dead 5/10 Spain's answer to Night of the Living Dead is slow moving and pretty stupid. These aren't straight-up zombies. They… more