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My Movie Journal

As I get older I find myself forgetting if I'd seen a movie or read a book. Since 2005 I have been keeping track of everything I watch, read and sometimes listen too or play.

Movie Rating Review
Fearless Fuzz 6 This has all the markings of a standard Itallian poliziotteschi, but the first third of the movie plays as a screwball comedy.... more
Annihilation 7 My expectations were high for Annihilation. I thought the director's previous movie Ex Machinia was one best... more
Murder on the Orient Express 7 This is the 1974 version, not the Kenneth Branagh handlebar mustache version. Unfortunately, I watched this knowing the ending... more
Deadlier Than the Male [1956] 8 No this isn't about bikini-clad assassins, this female predator is a bit more subdued. This is a French black and white film... more
Pursued 5 This is a relatively action-free western that features Robert Mitchum as a turn of the century cowboy with a predilection for... more
Watchmen 7 This is one superhero movie that I actually wanted to see. I read the comic and thought it was okay and the movie seems to... more
Split 8 Well, turns out M. Night is still capable of making an entertaining movie. This was a humble thriller about three girls... more
The Blackcoat's Daughter 7 A small, slow moving horror movie about boarding school girls and the devil. There's lots of hard to hear dialogue and very... more
Bicycle Thieves 7 Apparently this is a very important movie and a touchstone of Italian cinema. All I know it's severely lacking in the Italian... more
Black Magic 2 9 This is a sequel in name only to the excellent Black Magic. It's still about an evil voodoo magician, but in this case... more
House of Bamboo 7 This is crime thriller from 1955 that is unique in that it was shot on location in post-war Japan and it is filmed in glorious... more
Turbo Kid 7 In recent years there have been several attempts at making fake 80s shows, games or movies. The best of this would be something... more
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 3 I was hoping for another Luc Besson film at least on par with The Fifth Element, but this was terrible. It has some of... more
Berberian Sound Studio 6 The only reason to watch this movie is to get a feel for how the sound design was created in Italian giallo movies.... more
Tomb Raider [2018] 6 Definitely better than the first Tomb Raider films. This reboot seems to be using the game's reboot as inspiration.... more
From Up On Poppy Hill 7 A cartoon drama from Studio Ghibli about a teenage girl who misses her dead father and raises signal flags for him every... more
Caged Heat 7 This should be a standard Roger Corman women in prison movie, but it was directed by Jonathan Demme and supposedly stands out... more
Death Wish 3 8 What seriousness there was in the first Death Wish is gone. The violence is not terribly gorey but it's ridiculous and... more
Black Magic 9 Black Magic is a strange mix of horror and bumbling romantic comedy. Nothing in this movie makes any sense and I loved... more
The Kid with the Golden Arm 6 There are a few gorey moments, but for the most part this was a rather ho-hum Shaw Bros. kung-fu outing. Silly plot involves... more
Excalibur 6 I'm not quite sure why this movie was so popular when it came out. I remember hearing that they watched it in an English class... more
808 6 Another one of these sub-culture documentaries which follows the formula: Identify sub-culture, show the originators, show the... more
The Lady Hermit 9 Cheng Pei Pei is great in the excellent swordfighting movie about a master in hiding who takes on a young apprentice with the... more
Flying Guillotine 2 8 The head severing basket on a chain is back and is as ridiculous as ever. When we last left off, our hero invented an umbrella... more
Samurai Cop 6 I'm sure I would have enjoyed this more if I had watched it with friends and alcohol. Samurai Cop is a classic "so bad... more
The Black Cat 7 I think this might be the fourth Italian horror movie I've seen that's based on Poe's story, The Black Cat. None of... more
Crippled Avengers 7 I assumed that they would have hired actual disabled people to star in this and expected it to be a little more tasteless than... more
The Dark Backward 7 It's a quirky comedy. A quirkedy! Just about everything about this movie is deliberately strange. The plot is basically a joke... more
The Tricky Master 5 I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a sequel to Tricky Brains, but it's just as bad as that film. This is filled with Hong... more
God of Cookery 6 Stephen Chow is an arrogant T.V. chef who is dethroned and must cook his way back to the top. Much of the humor is cultural and... more
Love on Delivery 7 Man, Stephen Chow has been making the same movie over and over for more than two decades. Don't get me wrong, I usually like... more
What We Do in the Shadows 7 A decent entry in the never-ending series of mock documentary films. This one follows the mundane lives of three New Zealand... more
Four Riders 8 Not all Shaw Brothers martial arts movies take place in ancient China. Four Riders is set in Seoul during the weeks... more
Saturn 3 5 I remember seeing this movie in the video store with its super-cool robot on the cover and thinking, "This rated R so it is... more
Green Room 8 The first fifteen minutes of this movie are noteworthy for accurately depicting what it's like to be a touring punk rock band.... more
The Killer Is on the Phone 7 Not that it matters, but the title of this film has nothing to do with what happens on the screen. There are maybe two seconds... more
Movie Rating Review
The Last Jedi 8 I went into this having avoided the trailers or anything that could potentially spoil this for me. Despite its flaws I really... more
Grave of the Fireflies 7 This classic Studio Ghibli cartoon is about the horrors of war. But it's really more about the horrors of a teenager who is too... more
Seven Chances 8 I've never actually seen a Buster Keaton movie until this. Holds up very well and has some great scenes of Buster trying to... more
Room 8 This starts as an engaging thriller and then tricks you by turning into a teary drama. A lot of the movie relies on an... more
Free Fire 7 This was a movie that I really wanted to see. It's directed by Ben Wheatley, who made the gangster-hybrid stunner, Kill... more
Arrival 7 A sci-fi film about a bunch of space squids that communicate with coffee rings. Another blockbuster that steals plot elements... more
Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back 6 This would have been much better if it were just a cartoon instead of this live-action/CGI mess. There are tons of original... more
The Heroic Ones 5 This Shaw Brothers kung-fu swordsman epic is a bit of an overly long mess. The "heroic" characters are kinda jerks who deserve... more
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 9 As much as I like horror, I am woefully unfamiliar with many of the classics of the genre. Amazon was offering this one for... more
Ex Machina 9 Fresh off of just seeing the new Blade Runner here's another film dealing with the artificial intelligence. Only, this... more
Blade Runner 2049 7 I've tried to like the original Blade Runner. I've watched it several times, in several different “official” final,... more
Women Aren't Funny 7 Bonnie McFarlane's documentary sets itself up as an investigative report into the supposed bias against women in comedy. It... more
Star Trek Beyond 5 The destruction of this venerable brand continues in this latest reboot sequel. This is not the contemplative sci-fi of the... more
Return of the Evil Dead 6 The follow-up to Tombs of the Blind Dead is only slightly less bad than the original in that there is more gore, a... more