My Movie Journal

Organized by Date Watched

As I get older I find myself forgetting if I'd seen a movie or read a book. Since 2005 I have been keeping track of everything I watch, read and sometimes listen too or play.

There is also a version of this list organized by movie title.

Title Rating Review
Flying Guillotine 2 8/10 The head severing basket on a chain is back and is as ridiculous as ever. When we last left off, our hero invented an umbrella… more
Samurai Cop 6/10 I'm sure I would have enjoyed this more if I had watched it with friends and alcohol. Samurai Cop is a classic "so bad… more
The Black Cat 7/10 I think this might be the fourth Italian horror movie I've seen that's based on Poe's story, The Black Cat. None of… more
Crippled Avengers 7/10 I assumed that they would have hired actual disabled people to star in this and expected it to be a little more tasteless than… more
The Dark Backward 7/10 It's a quirky comedy. A quirkedy! Just about everything about this movie is deliberately strange. The plot is basically a joke… more
The Tricky Master 5/10 I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a sequel to Tricky Brains, but it's just as bad as that film. This is filled with Hong… more
God of Cookery 6/10 Stephen Chow is an arrogant T.V. chef who is dethroned and must cook his way back to the top. Much of the humor is cultural and… more
Love on Delivery 7/10 Man, Stephen Chow has been making the same movie over and over for more than two decades. Don't get me wrong, I usually like… more
What We Do in the Shadows 7/10 A decent entry in the never-ending series of mock documentary films. This one follows the mundane lives of three New Zealand… more
Four Riders 8/10 Not all Shaw Brothers martial arts movies take place in ancient China. Four Riders is set in Seoul during the weeks… more
Saturn 3 5/10 I remember seeing this movie in the video store with its super-cool robot on the cover and thinking, "This rated R so it is… more
Green Room 8/10 The first fifteen minutes of this movie are noteworthy for accurately depicting what it's like to be a touring punk rock band.… more
The Killer Is on the Phone 7/10 Not that it matters, but the title of this film has nothing to do with what happens on the screen. There are maybe two seconds… more
Title Rating Review
The Last Jedi 8/10 I went into this having avoided the trailers or anything that could potentially spoil this for me. Despite its flaws I really… more
Grave of the Fireflies 7/10 This classic Studio Ghibli cartoon is about the horrors of war. But it's really more about the horrors of a teenager who is too… more
Seven Chances 8/10 I've never actually seen a Buster Keaton movie until this. Holds up very well and has some great scenes of Buster trying to… more
Room 8/10 This starts as an engaging thriller and then tricks you by turning into a teary drama. A lot of the movie relies on an… more
Free Fire 7/10 This was a movie that I really wanted to see. It's directed by Ben Wheatley, who made the gangster-hybrid stunner, Kill… more
Arrival 7/10 A sci-fi film about a bunch of space squids that communicate with coffee rings. Another blockbuster that steals plot elements… more
Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back 6/10 This would have been much better if it were just a cartoon instead of this live-action/CGI mess. There are tons of original… more
The Heroic Ones 5/10 This Shaw Brothers kung-fu swordsman epic is a bit of an overly long mess. The "heroic" characters are kinda jerks who deserve… more
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 9/10 As much as I like horror, I am woefully unfamiliar with many of the classics of the genre. Amazon was offering this one for… more
Ex Machina 9/10 Fresh off of just seeing the new Blade Runner here's another film dealing with the artificial intelligence. Only, this… more
Blade Runner 2049 7/10 I've tried to like the original Blade Runner. I've watched it several times, in several different “official” final,… more
Women Aren't Funny 7/10 Bonnie McFarlane's documentary sets itself up as an investigative report into the supposed bias against women in comedy. It… more
Star Trek Beyond 5/10 The destruction of this venerable brand continues in this latest reboot sequel. This is not the contemplative sci-fi of the… more
Return of the Evil Dead 6/10 The follow-up to Tombs of the Blind Dead is only slightly less bad than the original in that there is more gore, a… more
Tombs of the Blind Dead 5/10 Spain's answer to Night of the Living Dead is slow moving and pretty stupid. These aren't straight-up zombies. They… more
War for the Planet of the Apes 8/10 The third and final(?) Apes reboot sequel isn't quite as epic as the title suggests. All in all, I enjoyed it but the more
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 8/10 Pretty daring for a mainstream big budget sequel to be mostly subtitled. Kiddies, if you download this from the dark 'nets make… more
Rise of the Planet of the Apes 7/10 I watched this with the intention of seeing the third film in the theater soon thereafter. As far as reboots go, this is… more
Black Christmas 9/10 Very well done proto-slasher film with a star-studded cast. Despite the title, Christmas doesn't play much of a role in the… more
Grand Slam 7/10 Grand Slam is a reasonably amusing heist film with the usual tropes of assembling of the team, a complicated heist,… more
Wonder Woman 7/10 One of the better super hero films I've seen. The limited scope of the plot helped center the focus on the characters rather… more
Revolver 8/10 A euro-crime thriller/drama about a prison warden who is blackmailed into letting a prisoner escape. Boasts a wonderful score… more
Kidnap Syndicate 6/10 A 70s euro-crime film from Italy featuring a barely-there performance from James Mason. Mason is out of the film at about the… more
Miami Connection 7/10 This one is mostly noteworthy for its wacky premise of new wave rock band karate masters fighting motorcycle ninjas. It's not… more
Spirits of the Dead 5/10 Only the last of the three stories in this horror anthology is worth watching. It's directed by Frederico Fellini and is (no… more
Hundra 6/10 This third-tier fantasy movie starts out great, gets really boring, then ends on a slo-mo high note. The Morricone score hides… more
Hairspray 7/10 We watched this movie because my kid was in a local production of the musical version and I wanted her to see the original. I… more
My Young Auntie 7/10 A bright and colorful comedic kung-fu movie about a young widow who was tasked with protecting a family fortune from a greedy… more
The Duke of Burgundy 7/10 The only reason I knew that this movie existed was a YouTube review of the soundtrack by Sean Rowley. The music is by a group… more
The Greasy Strangler 8/10 Although I was entertained for the most part, it's hard not to see that this movie desperately wants to be a John Waters film.… more
10 Cloverfield Lane 8/10 A good premise that sorta spoils itself by being a pseudo sequel to Cloverfield. A least there is no shaky-cam.
The Neon Demon 5/10 Although billed as a thriller, this is just art film garbage. I guess the point is to show of awful and cutthroat the world of… more
Sorcerer 8/10 The reason to watch this is the crazy pyrotechnics and stunts and gritty 70s style. Worth it for the bridge crossing scene… more
Blind Woman's Curse 8/10 A surprisingly good Japanese martial arts/gangster film. The time and setting, with a mix of cars and kimonos, is a bit weird… more
Ms .45 8/10 This one casts itself off as a female version of Death Wish complete with two uncomfortable assaults of the lead… more
John Wick 6/10 Now that the sequel is in theaters, I thought I should see the original since since a lot of people who opinions I respect… more
Clan of the White Lotus 7/10 This is a strange Gordon Liu movie in which he wants to avenge the friends who died at the hand of The White Lotus. He keeps… more
Title Rating Review
Rogue One 6/10 My first thought after walking out of the theater was, "huh, I don't know a single character's name from the movie I just… more
The Suspicious Death of a Minor 5/10 A forgettable Italian police drama starring a guy who looks like a young Victor Davis Hansen. Plot was something about… more
Shaolin Tamo Systique 6/10 This was a strange disjointed kung-fu movie about a female wannabe Shaolin disciple who is taken under the tutelage of elderly… more
The Witch 8/10 This movie felt like a Hans Baldung woodcut brought to life. Set in a dark New England forest in the 1600's, the characters all… more
Inglorious Basterds 7/10 I was expecting something a bit more action packed. Instead this movie is just a series of scenes of people talking to each… more
Mascots 6/10 Christopher Guest has created another fake documentary about a bunch of characters trying to win a contest. This time they are… more
Dracula 3-D 3/10 I have finally gotten around to watching Dario Argento's most recent movie’his 3-D take on the Dracula story. Everything that… more
Across 110th Street 8/10 Having blunted the needle on my iTunes from playing Bobby Womack's title song so much I thought it was about time I saw the… more
Tremors 8/10 For years I have heard about the cult status of this movie and I could have sworn I have seen it before. But I think this is… more
Police Assassins 6/10 Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock's debut film is corny and very dated but it was everything I expected (meaning, not much).
The Mermaid 9/10 Apparently, The Mermaid was the highest grossing movie in China last year. The 40 different conglomerates listed in… more
Ant-Man 5/10 Bleh, these super hero movies need to end. While can't say I was bored by Ant-Man, it just felt ho-hum to me. All… more
Satan Met a Lady 7/10 This early version of The Maltese Falcon is played as a comedy. The basics of the story are still there (it's now a… more
Ong Bak 9/10 Fantastic Thai martial arts movie about a monk's apprentice going to the big city to retrieve his small village's stolen Buddha… more
Tricky Brains 5/10 Having seen the horrible Fight back to School I wasn't expecting much from this early Stephen Chow comedy. This one at… more
The Maltese Falcon (1931) 6/10 This early version of the Hammet novel hits most of the same plot points of the later version but the acting is corny and there… more
The House on Haunted Hill 6/10 While it had one or two actual jump scares in it (a rarity for American films of this vintage), this is more of a mystery movie… more
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter 7/10 Amazon recommended this movie to me probably because I have watched a lot of Kung-Fu movies lately? I think we can relax about… more
The Mist 6/10 I knew most of the story of The Mist from an abridged book an tape that we listened to as… more
Red Queen Kills Seven Times 8/10 This is the follow up to Emilio Miraglia's The Night Evelyn Came Out of the GraveRed Queen sits more firmly… more
The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave 7/10 This one's a strange Gothic horror and giallo hybrid. Meaning, lot's of cool 70's decor within an ancient castle. Very early on… more
The Flying Guillotine 7/10 A reasonably good martial arts movie that borrows a lot of its plot structure directly from The One-Armed Swordsman.… more
Fight Back to School 4/10 Stephen Chow could not save this tone deaf action/comedy. Made in the late eighties, there are maybe two or three genuinely… more
The Hateful Eight 7/10 This was my least favorite of all the Tarantino films I've watched (I still haven't seen Inglorious Basterds). Even … more
A Chinese Odyssey (Parts 1 & 2) 6/10 Long before he directed Journey to the West, Stephen Chow starred in this version of the Monkey King's story. The… more
8 Diagram Pole Fighter 9/10 This is a gorgeous martial arts film which features an all-star cast of Hong Kong action heroes (most of which are killed off… more
The New One-Armed Swordsman 8/10 The One-Armed Swordsman was a good, arty swordplay epic with a lot of character focus. The sequel ditched the… more
The Five Deadly Venoms 7/10 Master is worried that his five former students are too powerful and may do evil so he sends his goofy-haired final student off… more
Five Fingers of Death 8/10 A rather brutal kung-fu flick centered around competing schools in the lead up to a fighting competition. Lot of spraying gore… more
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman 7/10 The sequel to the memorable One-Armed Swordsman is less about character development and more about action (Duh... you… more
Shaolin Intruders 9/10 Finally, a Shaw Bros. martial arts film that hits all the right buttons: interesting characters, plot twists, colorful design… more
Legendary Weapons of China 8/10 This is a weird one. It starts off with a display of magical cloaked fighters in which two are made to kill themselves. One… more
The Deadly Breaking Sword 7/10 I wasn't sure if he was supposed to be a good guy, but the title character is a swordsman whose calling card is that he breaks… more
The Shadow Whip 7/10 This was a decent martial arts film notable for four things: a snowy, wintertime setting; exciting fights with many, many… more
A LEGO Brickumentary 7/10 I've written before on this Web site how there is a standard documentary being produced these days that shows the "community"… more
Dragon Gate Inn 8/10 Looking back over the string of martial arts films that I have viewed over the past few months, I'd have to say my favorite has… more
The One-Armed Swordsman 8/10 When I started my immersion into Shaw Brothers kung-fu, I knew I would eventually see this film. It apparently was a mega hit… more
Painted Faces 7/10 I recognized most of the story here from having read Jackie Chan's memoir, I Am Jackie Chan. It's the story of Jackie… more
Return to the 36th Chamber 7/10 The first follow-up to The 36th Chamber still features Gordon Liu in the lead role, but it's mostly a parody of the… more
Patema Inverted 7/10 I decided to watch this anime on a whim after revisiting The Girl Who Leapt Through Time the other night. The concept… more
Tiger and Crane Fists 7/10 I assume most of the people who seek this movie out come to it the same way I did. This is the film that Steve Oedekerk used as… more
Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 8/10 This live action adaptation of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time bears little resemblance to the original anime version… more
Disciples of the 36th Chamber 7/10 The third film in the 36th Chambers series changes the tone to comedy (apparently the second sequel is also a parody, but I… more
House of Flying Daggers 8/10 This movie made it to America in the wake of Crouching Tiger and has much of the same stylishness. Doesn't quite pack… more
Title Rating Review
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin 8/10 This is a classic Kung-Fu film from the Shaw Brothers that doesn't quite have the artistic flair that I look for in these films… more
The Force Awakens 9/10 An excellent and worthy sequel to the original series of films. It's probably better than Return of the Jedi or at… more
The Omega Man 5/10 This classic sets itself up as a last man on Earth drama, but within five minutes kills that premise. The baddies are a set of… more
The Scar 8/10 A year ago a watched the other half of this double feature film noir DVD. This second movie is much better but is based on a… more
The Sound of Music 9/10 Ok, my wife wanted the entire family to watch this and I fully expected to be bored by it, but, you know what, it's a really… more
Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman 8/10 My Adam Carolla film fest continues with this documentary about Paul Newman's racing career. There are no amazing revelations… more