Video Game Log

Here's where I keep track of video games I have played. I rate the games on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being "highly recommended" and 1 being "forget this game and go read a book or something."

Game Title Platform Rating Body
Braid PC 10/10  Braid got a lot of critical praise when it was released for Xbox. When it went on sale for the PC on Steam for $4.99… more
Deus Ex: Invisible War PC 7/10 This is a sequel I have been meaning to play through for a few years now. The original Deus Ex was very well executed… more
Dead Space 2 PC 7/10 I liked the original Dead Space well enough. The sequel is just more of the same endless dark hallways, jump scares,… more
Syberia PC 8/10 I've been playing a lot of adventure games these days. In Syberia you play Kate Walker, a lawyer working for a high-… more
Darksiders II PC 8/10 The first Darksiders was a blatant rip-off of (some might say "homage to") the The Legend of Zelda. While it… more
Brütal Legend PC 4/10 I really wanted to like Brütal Legend. but once again Doublefine has created a game that is a triumph of style over… more
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions PC 10/10 The original Geometry Wars was one of the purest, most exhilarating gaming experiences of the post-arcade era. It… more
Magrunner: Dark Pulse PC 6/10 This was a freebie from that I went into knowing nothing about it. The first thing anyone who plays the game will think… more
Shadowrun Returns PC 7/10 I was initially drawn to the isometric art style of this turn-based RPG. My hope was that it would play like Wasteland 2… more
Watch Dogs 2 PC 7/10 Watch Dogs 2 is pretty much a straight up Grand Theft Auto clone. But instead of playing an immoral mobster… more
Alien: Isolation PC 8/10 The first few hours of Alien: Isolation are some of the most nerve-racking gaming I have ever experienced. It's a… more
Rise of the Tomb Raider PC 8/10 Part two of the Tomb Raider reboot doesn't offer anything really new in terms of game play but that's okay. The core… more
Fallout 3 PC 9/10 Fallout 1 and 2 are two of my favorite computer games. Those games had a great style to them, engaging post-apocalyptic story… more
Dead Space PC 8/10 Aim for the arms! Aim for the arms, dammit! Ever since I installed my completely unnecessary 5.1 surround audio speakers to my… more
Zeno Clash PC 8/10 Zeno Clash brings brawling and melee combat to the FPS genre and makes it work. Whenever a game has attempted this in… more
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP PC 8/10 Sword & Sworcery is a bit more art than video game. In fact, the game itself is more of a container for the synth-… more
The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion PC 9/10 Oblivion is a huge, open-world RPG made by the same folks who made Fallout 3. In fact, it plays very much… more
FarCry Blood Dragon PC 8/10 When I heard that this game featured Michael Biehn as the main voice actor I was intrigued. When I saw that it was an over-the-… more
Hotline Miami PC 8/10 Hotline Miami is an ultraviolent, fast-paced arcade-style game that owes a lot to Smash T.V. and Berzerk… more
The Shivah PC 8/10 Having finished the wonderful Blackwell series, I wanted to try some of Wadjet Eye's other offerings. The Shivah… more
Outlast PC 8/10 Outlast is one of the most nerve-racking games I have played. The game delights in distracting your attention then… more
Wolfenstein: The New Order PC 9/10 It's been a little while since I've played a current generation FPS, so maybe I just impressed with the slickness of it all,… more
Jotun PC 3/10 The only thing this game has going for it is its art direction. There's some wonderful hand-drawn characters and evocative… more
Tomb Raider Legend PC 8/10 I could have sworn I had played this game before, but I wasn't completely sure. I get this one confused with Tomb Raider:… more
Assassin's Creed PC 6/10 Pictured above is one of the many exciting "sit and watch some guys talk" missions from the PC game Assassin's Creed: … more
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath PC 7/10 This is the fourth Oddworld game. The first two were great 2-D puzzle platform games of which I was reminded of when I played… more
Syberia II PC 8/10 Syberia II picks up right where the first game left off with you racing by train into northern Russia in search of the… more
Contract J.A.C.K. PC 6/10 Contract J.A.C.K. is billed as a prequel to the super-excellent shooter No One Lives Forever 2. What we… more
Spec Ops: The Line PC 9/10 Have you ever wanted to be the star of your very own nihilistic, anti-war fever dream? Well, look no further than Spec Ops… more
Primordia PC 9/10 Primordia is an absolutely beautiful point and click adventure from Wadjet Eye Games. Besides the graphics, it has a… more
A Golden Wake PC 6/10 Although I'd give them props for creating a game with a truly unique theme, this Wadjet Eye adventure falls a bit flat. The… more
Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings PC 9/10 Witcher 2 takes what was a sprawling and somewhat unfocused RPG and refines almost everything to create an excellent… more
Far Cry 4 PC 8/10 All these Ubisoft open-world games (Assassins  CreedWatch Dogs, etc.) follow the same basic formula. Main… more
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris PC 8/10 This is the sequel to Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Like its predecessor, this is an isometric puzzle platform… more
Mirror's Edge PC 9/10 Mirror's Edge is another free-running inspired game like Assassin's Creed. But unlike Assassin's Creed, the… more
F.E.A.R. PC 7/10 So, I've spent the last couple of weeks working my way through F.E.A.R. and its two expansion packs: Extraction… more
Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse PC 9/10 Having been burnt twice by buying the technically challenged Wii versions on Season 1 & 2, I decided to move from the den… more
Batman: Arkham City PC 9/10 I have never really been a fan of superhero comics. What I know about Batman comes mostly from the Super Friendsmore
Costume Quest PC 5/10 Costume Quest feels like an off-hand idea thrown out there at a pitch meeting. I'm sure the designers had just taken… more
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag PC 8/10 I played the first Assassin's Creed several years ago and, while I thought it was an okay game, I was never compelled… more
The Blackwell Legacy PC 8/10 The first four Blackwell games went on sale on Steam this week for around 50¢ each. These games have been on my radar ever… more
Gemini Rue PC 8/10 Gemini Rue is another enjoyable point-and-click adventure from Wadjet Eye that has a sci-fi noir theme. Having gotten… more
Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien PC 8/10 Although I haven't written about them here, I have played through much of the first series of Bit.Trip games on the… more
Machinarium PC 7/10 Okay, first things first. Machinarium is a beautiful game with excellent art direction, sound and music. However,… more
The Stanley Parable PC 6/10 Another arty walking simulator for the PC. This one is all about the nature of choice and free will within a game world. You… more
Shadow Warrior 2 PC 8/10 Shadow Warrior 2 is a fast and wild shooter that continues in much the same vein as the first reboot game (which I… more
Metro 2033 Redux PC 6/10 There was some sort of nuclear apocalypse and the citizens of Moscow were forced to live in the city's subway tunnels. Of… more
Grand Theft Auto IV PC 9/10 This was my third journey into the world of Grand Theft Auto and I am starting to pick up on the formula. So, this is… more
Scratches: The Director's Cut PC 6/10  Having whet my appetite for adventure games on the excellent Sam and Max series, I thought it would be a good time to… more
Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures PC 7/10 More episodic point-and-click adventure from Telltale Games. This series is definitely geared more towards younger gamers but… more
Blackwell Unbound PC 9/10 Another day, another Blackwell game completed. These are solid point-and-click adventure games. The puzzles aren't too… more
Dragon Age: Origins PC 6/10 Man, this game was a bit of a mess. I guess I wanted it to be a Baldur's Gate style tactical role playing game with… more
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC 8/10 Coming off of FarCry 3, I really wasn't sure I wanted to commit myself to another massive open-world game, but San… more
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri PC 6/10 This game was a $5 budget CD when I bought it over a decade ago at CompUSA but I never got around to playing it until now. I… more
Spelunky PC 4/10 Games journalists (I can't believe that's really a thing) seem to love this game, I thought it was tiresome. Every game a new… more
Assassin's Creed III PC 4/10 This game has been sitting in my to-do list for quite some time. I got it as a freebie from Uplay, and to be quite frank, that… more
Jade Empire PC 7/10 It's been quite a while since I have been able to make myself play another BioWare Game. I really liked the Baldur's Gate… more
Resident Evil 5 PC 9/10 "Leathermen don't get nervous... leathermen don't get nervous" The immortal words of Glenn the Leatherman from Village People… more
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn PC 7/10 I have had this game sitting on my video game to-do list for a long, long time. This is regarded as one of the best cRPG games… more
Call of Juarez PC 8/10 There have not been many wild west shooters. I guess there was Outlaw for the 2600 and, of course, now there's Red… more
Icewind Dale II PC 8/10 The Icewind Dale series is built on the same game system as the Baldur's Gate games. Unlike Baldur's Gate… more
Splinter Cell: Blacklist PC 9/10 Another game that came bundled with my new video card. I had never played a game in this series because I assumed it was some… more
The Blackwell Convergence PC 8/10 This and the previous Blackwell Unbound apparently were intended to be a single game with flashbacks and intertwined… more
Saints Row IV PC 8/10 Saints Row IV is an obvious rip-off of Grand Theft Auto all the way down from the open-world mechanics to the… more
The Wolf Among Us PC 9/10 After The Walking Dead (especially season two... which I apparently forgot to review. Well, it was great.), I was… more
Kathy Rain PC 7/10 Kathy Rain is a point and click adventure which uses the same AGS engine that all the games from Wadjet Eye games use… more
Dishonored PC 8/10 A while back I gave this game a spin during a Steam free weekend and ended up setting it aside I guess because I couldn't quite… more
Serious Sam 2 PC 6/10 The original Serious Sam became an unexpected hit when it received the approval of Old Man Murray. While… more
Ruiner PC 7/10 Ruiner rages with a riot of red. So much red. It's like an entire game based on a Photoshop filter applied to the more
Doom 3 PC 8/10 No that isn't a black square you are looking at above. It's a  screenshot. A screenshot from Doom 3. Forget story and… more
Fallout: New Vegas PC 8/10 Although it's a massive 30-40 hour game, New Vegas is really just an stand-alone expansion pack to the wonderful more
Dear Esther PC 7/10 Dear Esther is a noble little experiment that pushes the notion of video games as art. The problem is, it isn't much… more
Dead Island PC 6/10 This game had one of the best trailers ever. None of the narrative spark that permeates the trailer is in the actual game. The… more
Bioshock Infinite PC 10/10 Infinite is a worthy successor to the original BioShock. It's not so much a sequel as it is a re-theming of… more
The Blackwell Deception PC 9/10 The fourth Blackwell game continues to make improvements over its predecessors in terms of technical polish. There is also a… more
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams PC 9/10 Oh sweet Shatner, this game is brutal! The Nintendo DS Giana Sisters game was a cute, simplistic and moderately… more
Tales from the Borderlands PC 10/10 Like previous Telltale series, this is not so much a game as it is an interactive cartoon. Yes, to a degree, player choices don… more
Deadlight: Director's Cut PC 7/10 This one was a freebie from of which I knew nothing about before playing it. Turns out, it is a 2.5-D platformer’… more
GNOG PC 7/10 GNOG is a cute little puzzle game in which you are left to click and poke around without any instructions and… more
Mass Effect PC 9/10 Mass Effect is another BioWare RPG that I picked up on Steam for five bucks during their holiday sale (along with more
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC 8/10 Pushing balls around has never been more fun! I have really enjoyed the last few Tomb Raider games like Tomb Raider: Legend… more
Broken Age Act I PC 9/10 Like a gazillion other people, Doublefine Adventure was the first Kickstarter that I bought into. It was scheduled to come out… more
Sniper Elite V2 PC 7/10 This was a free game on Steam on the day of the sequel's release. I grabbed it without knowing anything about the game.… more
Torchlight PC 6/10 Torchlight is a game that has been resting on my back-burner for a long, long time. I got it for something like three… more
Defense Grid 2 PC 7/10 The Defense Grid sequel seems more like an expansion than a new game. There are new powers and customizations, but… more
Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror PC 7/10 This game is a bit of a mixed bag. I really like the main characters and it has some genuinely funny moments but there are… more
Doom [2016] PC 9/10 I think this is a reboot. Was there actually a plot in the original Doom? Whatever the case, this version of more
FIFA 1999 PC 8/10 Ever since my brother was suckered into buying a 3D0 console system, I have heard good things about the FIFA soccer games that… more
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PC 8/10 GTA: Chinatown Wars on the DS was my first Grand Theft Auto game and it remains one of the best games on that platform… more
Tomb Raider: Underworld PC 9/10 I missed out on the original Tomb Raider game in the 90s. I think I downloaded the demo and thought, "This isn't Doom, or even… more
Jamestown PC 9/10 I've had this game for quite a while now and have been waiting until I complete it before writing about it. Man, I suck at more
Surgeon Simulator 2013 PC 7/10 I had hoped that when they adapted the Web version of Surgeon Simulator into a full game they would have added a funny… more
Call of Juarez Gunslinger PC 9/10 I thought the original Call of Juarez was a better-than-average shooter that was bolstered by it being set in the Old… more
Brothers PC 9/10 Brothers is a surprisingly excellent game that's filled with beautiful visual storytelling and a unique game-play… more
Guacamelee! PC 8/10 This is what the kids call a metroidvania-style platformer (what a horrible term). You run around around a large, open-world… more
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel PC 8/10 Okay, here's another Borderlands sequel. Actually, this is more of a large expansion pack to Borderlands 2’… more
Destiny 2 PC 6/10 I've been playing this off and on for the past few months. This is supposedly designed as a multiplayer experience and have… more
The Silent Age PC 6/10 The biggest puzzle in this modestly sized point-and-click adventure is figuring out how to get it to even run. I bought it… more
Deus Ex PC 8/10 Essentially a first-person shooter game mixed with lots of role-playing elements. For the most part the game is pretty fun. The… more
Far Cry 2 PC 5/10 This is the game that forced me to update my video card last year. I remember playing the first Far Cry and thinking… more