Video Game Log

Here's where I keep track of video games I have played. I rate the games on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being "highly recommended" and 1 being "forget this game and go read a book or something."

Game Title Platform Rating Body
A Boy and his Blob Nintendo Wii 8/10 I'm not a huge fan of 2-D platform games. Even modern ones tend to be rather shallow when it comes to story. Rather, these… more
A Golden Wake PC 6/10 Although I'd give them props for creating a game with a truly unique theme, this Wadjet Eye adventure falls a bit flat. The… more
A Story About My Uncle PC 7/10 A Story About My Uncle is a game based entirely around a single game mechanic, a grappling beam. Players shoot a beam… more
Abzû PC 5/10 Hey, it's a walking simulator with a twist... swimming! I'll give it this, Abzû is a very nice looking and great… more
Alan Wake PC 8/10 Alan Wake was developed by the same people who made one of my favorite games, Max Payne. Unfortunately,… more
Alien: Isolation PC 8/10 The first few hours of Alien: Isolation are some of the most nerve-racking gaming I have ever experienced. It's a… more
Assassin's Creed PC 6/10 Pictured above is one of the many exciting "sit and watch some guys talk" missions from the PC game Assassin's Creed: … more
Assassin's Creed III PC 4/10 This game has been sitting in my to-do list for quite some time. I got it as a freebie from Uplay, and to be quite frank, that… more
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag PC 8/10 I played the first Assassin's Creed several years ago and, while I thought it was an okay game, I was never compelled… more
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn PC 7/10 I have had this game sitting on my video game to-do list for a long, long time. This is regarded as one of the best cRPG games… more
Batman: Arkham Asylum PC 9/10 I'm still waiting for that Wonder Twins game, but in the meantime this will do. After Arkham City this does seem less… more
Batman: Arkham City PC 9/10 I have never really been a fan of superhero comics. What I know about Batman comes mostly from the Super Friendsmore
Bayonetta Nintendo Wii U 6/10 The WiiU is not known for much other than being a failure. The whole two screen thing doesn't make any sense. Bayonetta… more
Beneath a Steel Sky MS-DOS 5/10 I think this is considered by many to be one of the best point and click adventure games of the early nineties. I can see why… more
BioShock 2 PC 9/10 The original BioShock was a great game with an interesting plot and a wonderfully unique setting. I never really… more
Bioshock Infinite PC 10/10 Infinite is a worthy successor to the original BioShock. It's not so much a sequel as it is a re-theming of… more
Bioshock Infinite: Season Pass PC 8/10 The BioShock Infinite season pass DLC is a nice way to get a few extra hours out of the original game. The two more
Blackwell Unbound PC 9/10 Another day, another Blackwell game completed. These are solid point-and-click adventure games. The puzzles aren't too… more
Borderlands PC 7/10 Billed as a first person shooter RPG, Borderlands focuses on collecting loot over story. There a lot of superficial… more
Borderlands 2 PC 8/10 This sequel is an improvement over the original Borderlands. The basic shoot everything and look for loot game-play… more
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel PC 8/10 Okay, here's another Borderlands sequel. Actually, this is more of a large expansion pack to Borderlands 2’… more
Braid PC 10/10  Braid got a lot of critical praise when it was released for Xbox. When it went on sale for the PC on Steam for $4.99… more
Broken Age Act I PC 9/10 Like a gazillion other people, Doublefine Adventure was the first Kickstarter that I bought into. It was scheduled to come out… more
Broken Sword - Director's Cut PC 7/10 Broken Sword is a point and click adventure game from the ninties. You will spend most of the game playing as George,… more
Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror PC 7/10 This game is a bit of a mixed bag. I really like the main characters and it has some genuinely funny moments but there are… more
Brothers PC 9/10 Brothers is a surprisingly excellent game that's filled with beautiful visual storytelling and a unique game-play… more
Brütal Legend PC 4/10 I really wanted to like Brütal Legend. but once again Doublefine has created a game that is a triumph of style over… more
Bulletstorm PC 8/10 I went into Bulletstorm not knowing anything other than I heard there was a lot of cursing in the dialogue. Well, that… more
Call of Juarez PC 8/10 There have not been many wild west shooters. I guess there was Outlaw for the 2600 and, of course, now there's Red… more
Call of Juarez Gunslinger PC 9/10 I thought the original Call of Juarez was a better-than-average shooter that was bolstered by it being set in the Old… more
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood PC 6/10 I enjoyed the original Call of Juarez and its spin-off, Gunslinger, but this one didn't really grab me. It… more
Chrono Trigger Nintendo DS 8/10 It took about a year of on-again / off-again playing, but I finally made it through this DS remake of Chrono Trigger… more
Conduit 2 Nintendo Wii 8/10 Fresh off of Goldeneye 007 I am continuing my Wii FPS fix with Conduit 2. Apparently somewhere between 1 and… more
Contract J.A.C.K. PC 6/10 Contract J.A.C.K. is billed as a prequel to the super-excellent shooter No One Lives Forever 2. What we… more
Cooking Mama Nintendo DS 6/10 A nice little time killing game for the DS. Nothing too deep, but a great kids game.
Costume Quest PC 5/10 Costume Quest feels like an off-hand idea thrown out there at a pitch meeting. I'm sure the designers had just taken… more
Crusader: No Remorse MS-DOS 8/10 In the 90s, I tried playing the demo of this game many times and could never really get into it. Crusader was one of… more
Crysis PC 9/10 Crysis feels much more like the Far Cry sequel I wanted back when I played Far Cry 2. Once again you… more
Cursed Mountain Nintendo Wii 7/10 This "limited edition" version was one of the first games I bought for the Wii. It's been sitting on my stack of unplayed games… more
Darksiders PC 7/10 Darksiders is a game that is utterly derivative of Zelda. You are tasked with exploring various "castles,"… more
Darksiders II PC 8/10 The first Darksiders was a blatant rip-off of (some might say "homage to") the The Legend of Zelda. While it… more
Dead Island PC 6/10 This game had one of the best trailers ever. None of the narrative spark that permeates the trailer is in the actual game. The… more
Dead Space PC 8/10 Aim for the arms! Aim for the arms, dammit! Ever since I installed my completely unnecessary 5.1 surround audio speakers to my… more
Dead Space 2 PC 7/10 I liked the original Dead Space well enough. The sequel is just more of the same endless dark hallways, jump scares,… more
Dead Space Extraction Nintendo Wii 8/10 Dead Space Extraction is yet another "on-rails" Wii shooter game. The Wii, with its pointer controls, is the perfect… more
Deadlight: Director's Cut PC 7/10 This one was a freebie from of which I knew nothing about before playing it. Turns out, it is a 2.5-D platformer’… more
Dear Esther PC 7/10 Dear Esther is a noble little experiment that pushes the notion of video games as art. The problem is, it isn't much… more
Defense Grid 2 PC 7/10 The Defense Grid sequel seems more like an expansion than a new game. There are new powers and customizations, but… more
Destiny 2 PC 6/10 I've been playing this off and on for the past few months. This is supposedly designed as a multiplayer experience and have… more
Deus Ex PC 8/10 Essentially a first-person shooter game mixed with lots of role-playing elements. For the most part the game is pretty fun. The… more
Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC 8/10 While Invisible War was not without its merits, it really lacked the depth of the original Deus Ex. This… more
Deus Ex: Invisible War PC 7/10 This is a sequel I have been meaning to play through for a few years now. The original Deus Ex was very well executed… more
Devil May Cry 4 PC 3/10 Started out okay enough despite the idiotic button mashing mechanics. But, man, this game became pure tedium by the ending. If… more
Dishonored PC 8/10 A while back I gave this game a spin during a Steam free weekend and ended up setting it aside I guess because I couldn't quite… more
DLC Quest PC 5/10 Not much to say about this one other that it's a joke game. The gag is that in order to gain required abilities you need to… more
Doom 3 PC 8/10 No that isn't a black square you are looking at above. It's a  screenshot. A screenshot from Doom 3. Forget story and… more
Doom [2016] PC 9/10 I think this is a reboot. Was there actually a plot in the original Doom? Whatever the case, this version of more
Dragon Age: Origins PC 6/10 Man, this game was a bit of a mess. I guess I wanted it to be a Baldur's Gate style tactical role playing game with… more
Dragon's Lair Trilogy Nintendo Wii 7/10 It took about twenty years, but I finally beat Dragon's Lair. That's twenty years of dying for no reason, guessing… more
Dream Zone Apple IIgs 8/10 Dream Zone is a graphical adventure for the Apple IIgs that I was never able to complete when it was originally… more
Duke Nukem Forever PC 8/10 The original Duke Nukem 3D was perhaps the best of the first wave of FPS games. I also really liked Rise of the… more
Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim PC 10/10 In terms of overall game-play, Skyrim stays pretty close to the system Oblivion used. You roam a giant open-… more
Etrian Odyssey Nintendo DS 8/10 Etrian Odyssey is an old-school RPG in the vein of Wizardy or The Bard's Tale. That is, you assemble… more
Eye of the Beholder MS-DOS 7/10 Eye of the Beholder is a real-time RPG dungeon crawl that borrows heavily from the mechanics of Dungeon Master… more
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon MS-DOS 8/10 Time to break out that pad of graph paper again and start charting the depths of nerd-dom. Eye of the Beholder II is… more
F.E.A.R. PC 7/10 So, I've spent the last couple of weeks working my way through F.E.A.R. and its two expansion packs: Extraction… more
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin PC 6/10 The first F.E.A.R. game did a really good job of building up the tension to provide creepy scares and atmosphere. This… more
Fallout 3 PC 9/10 Fallout 1 and 2 are two of my favorite computer games. Those games had a great style to them, engaging post-apocalyptic story… more
Fallout Tactics PC 8/10 The third game in the Fallout series eschews much of its RPGness and concentrates on combat instead. I always liked… more
Fallout: New Vegas PC 8/10 Although it's a massive 30-40 hour game, New Vegas is really just an stand-alone expansion pack to the wonderful more
Far Cry 2 PC 5/10 This is the game that forced me to update my video card last year. I remember playing the first Far Cry and thinking… more
Far Cry 4 PC 8/10 All these Ubisoft open-world games (Assassins  CreedWatch Dogs, etc.) follow the same basic formula. Main… more
FarCry 3 PC 10/10 I was a bit hesitant to play this game. I really didn't like FarCry 2 all that much. It was repetitive, dull and not a… more
FarCry Blood Dragon PC 8/10 When I heard that this game featured Michael Biehn as the main voice actor I was intrigued. When I saw that it was an over-the-… more
FIFA 1999 PC 8/10 Ever since my brother was suckered into buying a 3D0 console system, I have heard good things about the FIFA soccer games that… more
Flashback PC 7/10 I must have attempted to play this game about a dozen times. I would download it from some abandonware site, fire up DosBox,… more
Game of Thrones PC 8/10 This has been my least favorite of the Telltale Choose Your Own Adventure style adventures. I think my main problem… more
Gemini Rue PC 8/10 Gemini Rue is another enjoyable point-and-click adventure from Wadjet Eye that has a sci-fi noir theme. Having gotten… more
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions PC 10/10 The original Geometry Wars was one of the purest, most exhilarating gaming experiences of the post-arcade era. It… more
Giana Sisters DS Nintendo DS 8/10 Giana Sisters is a reworking of an old Commodore 64 game that itself was a note-for-note ripoff of Super Mario… more
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams PC 9/10 Oh sweet Shatner, this game is brutal! The Nintendo DS Giana Sisters game was a cute, simplistic and moderately… more
GNOG PC 7/10 GNOG is a cute little puzzle game in which you are left to click and poke around without any instructions and… more
Goldeneye 007 Nintendo Wii 9/10 I never played Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. I guess the original was noteworthy for making the controls on a console… more
Grand Theft Auto IV PC 9/10 This was my third journey into the world of Grand Theft Auto and I am starting to pick up on the formula. So, this is… more
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Nintendo DS 9/10 Aside from the hour or two of GTA 2 that I played on the PC years ago, this was my first Grand Theft Auto game. I don't find… more
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC 8/10 Coming off of FarCry 3, I really wasn't sure I wanted to commit myself to another massive open-world game, but San… more
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PC 8/10 GTA: Chinatown Wars on the DS was my first Grand Theft Auto game and it remains one of the best games on that platform… more
Guacamelee! PC 8/10 This is what the kids call a metroidvania-style platformer (what a horrible term). You run around around a large, open-world… more
Half Life: Blue Shift PC 6/10 I am finally getting around to playing the Half-Life 1 expansion games. As expected, this is more of the same. This… more
Half Life: Opposing Force PC 7/10 Opposing Force is a welcome improvement over Blue Shift. First off, it's feels like a full game rather than… more
Hexen: Shadow of the Serpent Riders MS-DOS 8/10 Hexen was another mid-nineties FPS that, I swear, I played the demo of several times but never played the full game… more
Hob PC 8/10 Hob is from the same studio that created Torchlight and much of the same beautiful artistic style is on… more
Home PC 3/10 At first you'd think Home was a retro-looking point and click adventure, but that would be giving it too much credit.… more
Hotline Miami PC 8/10 Hotline Miami is an ultraviolent, fast-paced arcade-style game that owes a lot to Smash T.V. and Berzerk… more
House of the Dead: Overkill Nintendo Wii 10/10 The Wii has two areas in which it excels: family friendly games and pseudo-lightgun shooters (meaning, you point the Wiimote at… more
Icewind Dale II PC 8/10 The Icewind Dale series is built on the same game system as the Baldur's Gate games. Unlike Baldur's Gate… more
Jade Empire PC 7/10 It's been quite a while since I have been able to make myself play another BioWare Game. I really liked the Baldur's Gate… more
Jamestown PC 9/10 I've had this game for quite a while now and have been waiting until I complete it before writing about it. Man, I suck at more
Jotun PC 3/10 The only thing this game has going for it is its art direction. There's some wonderful hand-drawn characters and evocative… more
Kathy Rain PC 7/10 Kathy Rain is a point and click adventure which uses the same AGS engine that all the games from Wadjet Eye games use… more