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These are posts relating to general info about this web site. New sections, new technology, etc.

Pages o' Fun Version 5.5 - 2011-2015

This is yet another iteration of the previous design. By 2011 I had a much better understanding of how templating worked in Drupal and made a somewhat slicker template that adhered to 960 grid-style layout. Sometime during this period I did an upgrade to Drupal 7 and had to reworked the layout to be compatible with 7. In the process I made the site mobile-friendly with a responsive design.

Pages of Fun 2011 Design

Drupal Theme Update 2011

It's been about a year since my last major site overhaul, so I have decided to do a little housekeeping here. I've tweaked the theme so it's a little less crowded and, hopefully, a bit easier to find your way around. That is all.

Buy My Art!

After more than a dozen years of maintaining a personal Web site, I have finally decided to monetize this thing (well, okay, that doesn't count the Google ads in the sidebar, but those barely earn any money anyways). I have gone through my gallery and enabled a PayPal shopping cart system to take orders for my art. Currently, there are about twelve prints for sale. So, start shopping now!

Did You Notice Anything Different About Me?

After a back-to-back Drupal projects at work, I think I now have a better idea how this system works. In the process, I have updated the design of my Nonagon site and reworked the theme of this site. You may not notice any major differences, but now things are much more organized under the hood. However, I am guessing that I broke a few things, so if you notice any pages not rendering decently, please let me know in the comments.

Oh, Hello There...

Although I try to minimize political posting here on the Pages of Fun, about a week ago I decided to run with a post featuring a "Tea Party" protest poster I created: Teabagger / Teabaggee. I tweeted (I hate that term... almost as much as webinar) a link, got a few dozen hits and that was that.

However, yesterday I started to get all sorts of notifications of new comments in my inbox regarding this post. I went and checked my analytics account:

Drupal Update

Well, I just updated the core version of the Drupal CMS on the Pages of Fun from 6.12 to 6.13 and it went pretty smoothly. One thing that I did discover is that it pays to update all your modules before doing the core update. I had earlier tried to update and the system completely failed on install because of a problem with the out-of-date Admin Menu module. Only a complete reversion to the backed up files saved me. Backing up is ever so very important in this whole process. Anyhow, I am really loving Drupal and I hope to build more sites with it in the future.

Pages of Fun: Version 1.0 1997-1998

Pages o' Fun Version 1

Wow! This page is pretty clunky looking. Although I think there was briefly a version before this which didn't use frames, this is the initial version of my pages. I like the puke-inducing pastel colors (seriously). I still enjoy the raw, whos gives a crap about usabilty feel of this version, and the oversized, safe-for-toddlers navigation. Otherwise..eccchh!

Pages of Fun: Version 2.0 1998-1999

Pages o' Fun Version 2

This version is many ways a slickened up version of v1.0. It uses much of the same color pallette, but uses frames in a much more... er... elegant way. Say what you will, I think frames are a great idea and wish they wouldn't get phased out like it looks like they will be. Anyhow, this site was typical of its time in that it was loaded with plug-in requiring sound effects, bloated rollovers, and lots of tables.

Pages of Fun: Version 3.3 Dec 1999-Sept 2000

Pages o' Fun Version 3

One of the first things I did when I bought by new computer was update my personal site. I was and am still pleased with this result. It was my first serious use of style sheets, and for awhile had some cool animated buttons at the top. The animations were kind of flaky so I got rid of them early on. I liked the organization and relatively clean text layout.