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Lumpen is a left-wing hipster magazine from Chicago that would occasionally release CDs and other multimedia projects. I knew Ed (a.k.a. Edmar) and he invited me to create a track for this compilation of 80s covers. I chose to do my take on Sparks' "I Predict" off of their Angst in my Pants record. Again this a crude electronic piece using PC-based tracking software combined with a freeware text-to-voice program. The rest of the CD is a mixed bag of songs. As with any compilation, some are good, some are not. I will let you be the judge as to which category my track falls into. Download at…

Upgrade Downgrade

Martian Law - Upgrade Downgrade
Upgrade Downgrade - Back Cover

My first pure-computer music CD, The Exciting Sounds of a Compaq P133, was followed by a four-song EP entitled, Upgrade Downgrade. For these songs I had a much better handle on the technology and thus the sound is much more clean. I never really had an official release’with covers and all’for this batch of tracks. I tended to burn them as bonus tracks when ever I gave someone a copy of P133. So, consider this the belated debut. Again, I have made high quality MP3s out of all four tracks and they are available here for download. Download the entire Upgrade Downgrade EP by clicking here!


The Exciting Sounds of a Compaq P133

I have always liked to create music on computers. Back in the Apple ][+ days I made quite a few annoying musical ditties with The Music Construction Set and this continued into the Apple ][gs days. My software was never really sophisticated enough until I discovered tracking and mods when I upgraded to Windows 95. After a few years of noodling around, I finally had enough material to release a CDs worth of my electronic music, The Exciting Sounds of a Compaq P133. This disc was comprised of my first purely digital (no more cassette 4-track recording!) musical compositions. The sound is a…

Election 2008: A Song for Obama

And now we my choice of a song for Obama. There aren't many songs with "Obama" in the lyrics that aren't sung by a chorus of creepy showbiz wannabe kids. Instead, I have gone with a more opinionated, thematic choice. The song is I Can't Believe That You Would Fall For All The Crap In This Song by Sparks. If you read an Obama stump speech it soon becomes clear that, between the aspirations of hope and change, is an ever expanding laundry list ridiculous, undeliverable goodies to lure various voting blocks. Now, a couple of days before the election, the Obama campaign is spinning to try to curb the expectations of his minions. Well, I suppose if you think about it, he is promising change.

Election 2008: A Song for McCain

I have decided to add my own soundtrack to the final days of the Election. We will start with my choice for McCain's theme song. This is La Ballata Di Hank McCain by Ennio Morricone from the film Gli Intoccabili. I kinda want McCain to win simply so I can get four more years of mileage out of this track. I can't believe this song wasn't picked up by some McCain supporter and made into a glowing YouTube video. Oh, well. Enjoy!

Stay tuned, my pick for Obama is coming tomorrow.

Martian Law CDs Are Now Free to Download

For those of you who don't know, I like to make music with my computer and have done so in one form or another since the days of The Music Construction Set on my old Apple ][+. In the mid-Nineties I began compiling my solo musical output under the moniker, Martian Law. The first record I produced was actually a cassette tape that I gave away as a bonus to people who bought one of my wood engravings. In hindsight, this tape is pretty embarrassing, but it did contain a few numbers that I still can appreciate.

In 1999 I followed my debut with my first full-length CD release, The Exciting Sounds of a Compaq P133. This disc was comprised of my first purely digital (no more cassette 4-track recording!) musical compositions. The sound is a little rough due to the primitive, non-pro software I used…

Twilight Zone for Your Listening Pleasure

Yesterday I came across this incredible Web log, Twilight Zone for Your Listening Pleasure. This guy posts tons and tons of great garage and rock 'n' roll records with large cover scans and links to the full albums in MP3 format. Usually, you just click in to the comments of each blog post and you are given a link the the MP3s in zip format. Cut-n-paste the link and you can grab the files for free. There is a limit of one package download per hour, but it's worth the wait to get your ears on some of these comps.