Back when PC gaming was a nightmare of soundcards, memory management and color modes. Still, some of the best games ever were on MS-DOS first.

Teenagent on MS-DOS (3/10)


You can download and play Teenagent for free from, and, because of my obsessive-compulsive nature when it comes to completing games I own, I felt obliged to give it a whirl. It took about 45 minutes of frustration for me to realize that this point-and-click adventure really wasn't worth the logic-defying effort. This game commits all the puzzle design sins of 90's adventure games. It's the type of game design that pretty much killed the genre. The puzzles make absolutely no sense and I can't believe anyone got very far with this without a walk-through. On the plus side the…

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King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow on MS-DOS (6/10)

King's Quest VI - Pawn Shoppe

While this game was a pretty big improvement over KQV, it still was just too mired in Sierra adventure game brutality for me to really enjoy. There has been some attempt to make the puzzles a bit more forgiving here, including allowing for the player to take multiple paths to victory. I did alright through about the first third of the game then it just gets nasty. The worst offenses being several "walking dead" moments when I got to a puzzle and was unable to pass because of an item or interaction I missed hours beforehand. I gave up and just relied mostly on a walk-through for the rest…

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King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder on MS-DOS (5/10)

King's Quest V - Warning: This game will suck.

Despite their flaws, I have enjoyed playing all the games in the King's Quest series up until now (I,II,III & IV). Unfortunately, I can't say that I liked King's Quest V.

King's Quest V - The Fortune TellerThis is a game that I have apparently owned for Macintosh for years, but never knew it.  When I tried to install it on my ancient Mac Power PC it would not run and then promptly sold the game off on eBay (I think I got thirty bucks for it). I still wanted to the play the game, especially after finally completing King's Quest IV. So, when it went on sale at I promptly purchased it as part of a KQ 4-7 bundle for $3.99 (I…

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Space Quest on MS-DOS (8/10)

Space Quest: Bar It's been quite some time since I tackled a Sierra 3-D adventure game (See my reviews of Kings's Quest I, II & III and Leisure Suit Larry). I've said it before, but I just love the unique pixelated artwork and animation of all these games.

I don't think I ever finished this game as a kid, but I must have gotten pretty far since I was able to progress through most of the game this time without much trouble (if only I had a video game blog when I was 13 years old).

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Ultima 7: The Back Gate & Serpent Isle on MS-DOS (8/10)

Considered by many to be the best games of the Ultima series, Ultima 7 is one of the most detailed and time-consuming RPGs I have ever attempted to tackle. You can pick up and interact with just about every object in the game and there are tons of dialog trees to navigate through. The story is intriguing and branches all over the place, with some of the main plot lines spanning both games. My biggest complaints with the game is the awful MIDI based sound effects, major Windows compatibility issues, and the fighting system lacks any strategy. The game makes up for these flaws in its depth.

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King's Quest III - To Heir is Human on MS-DOS (8/10)

Onward on my journey through the King's Quest saga I go. Part III was the first in the series to really try to present a narrative. There are many more non-player characters to contend with, most notably Manannan the wizard, who has enslaved you to a life of household chores. These characters don't just run on to the screen and steal your possessions (although there still is that in this game). There's a genuine attempt to give them personality.

King's Quest 3

With all the new found attention to story telling, the designers seemed to not be paying much attention to game play. There are stretches of the game…

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King's Quest II - Romancing the Throne on MS-DOS (7/10)

I'm continuing to play the King's Quest games in DosBox these days. Tonight I just completed King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne with 175 points out of 185.

King's Quest 1

To me, the art of these games is, in many ways, vastly more impressive than your modern 3D modeled game. The fact that every pixel on the screen was hand drawn and not rendered with some world generating algorithm just astounds me. Furthermore, even more so than King's Quest I, the artists get tons of animation mileage out of so few pixels. They are not going for realism, rather they were trying to communicate a narrative, ideas and…

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King's Quest on MS-DOS (7/10)

King's Quest 1

I am currently reveling in Sierra 3-D adventure games like the King's Quest series and Leisure Suit Larry. As a kid, these were the only PC games that could draw me away from our family's Apple ][. The economy of pixel usage in the art and animation is truly brilliant and the game play still holds up pretty well. I just finished King's Quest I this evening for the first time. I finished with 136 points of a total 158. Made in 1984, this was the first of the Sierra 3-D adventures. It doesn't quite hold up to some of the later entries in the series in terms of story and puzzle complexity…

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