Genesis was the 16-bit system of choice in our household. Eventually my brother sold everything after college so these days any Genesis gaming is happening in emulation or on the Wii Virtual Console.

Phantasy Star IV: End of the Millennium on Genesis (9/10)

Don't Get Too Close To My Phantasy Star

Phantasy Star II and III are probably the only 16-bit era JRPGs that I actually completed when I was a youngster. Even then I had very little patience for the stupid plots and inane mechanics (especially when compared to the Ultima games that I played on my Apple ][+) of most JRPGs. However, for some odd reason, these Phantasy Star games were able to hold my attention.

End of the Millennium is very much the same as its predecessors. You march a little formation of characters around towns, dungeons and a massive over-world and face random, turn-based battles every thirty seconds or so. Normally…

Submitted by Robert Gomez on Tue, 05/01/2012 - 23:18