Artist's Statement

Note: This is old and embarrassing but the Internet is forever!

My work is in the tradition of the satirical print. My goal is to portray the absurdities that exist in the world around me in both my personal sphere and the greater world of mass culture and politics. Rather than adopt a more traditional approach to satire, i.e. Daumier's style, I choose to use a slightly skewed Northern Renaissance Style. My favorite artists are Bosch, Breugel, Hans Bauldung Grien, Dürer, and Rogier Van Weyden. I am also a big fan of the German Expressionists Otto Dix and Max Beckman. Though I use a cartoon style I am always trying to push towards a much more subtle style of rendering that would allow my subject matter to creep up a bit slower. I don't think I've quite nailed this yet, but I'll continue to press on.