Robert Wm. Gomez's

The Printmakers vs. The Painters

From my series about my art experiences, this print is my take on the jealousy printmakers feel against painters. In the art world, printmaking has a sort of second class status beneath painting. Sort of in the way RC Cola™ has always taken a back seat to Coca-Cola™. RC is usually cheaper, it's not as flashy, you don't see top celebrities endorsing it, but it tastes just as good (I'd say it's even better) than the entrenched status-quo softdrink, Coca-Cola™. Anyways, if it were ever to come down to fisticuffs the printers would win anyway because we have sharper tools. Here's a detail of the carnage:

Printmakers vs. Painters (Detail)

I still have a handful of these prints available (images of genital mutilation aren't big sellers it turns out). I will sell you a copy for a mere $250 postage paid! You can pay me electronically via PayPal if you like. If you are interested in purchasing, send me an e-mail.