Robert Wm. Gomez's

April 2015

The Witcher on PC (7/10)

The Witcher: Checking Out Vizima in my LEATHER!!!

The Witcher is a flawed but ultimately satisfying role playing game that puts you in the role of monster killing mutant named Geralt. In some aspects the game is a bit more hardcore than other recent RPGs. You need to pay close attention to dialogue as clues are not spoon-fed to you and the almighty quest arrow is somewhat deceiving.

Painful by Yo La Tengo (9/10)


Yo La Tengo is a band that's been around forever and is beloved by indy-rockers. They alternate between feedback-filled guitar pop and trying to sound like The Velvet Underground on the mellower tracks. I bought this because I really like the song "From a Motel 6" when I taped it off of 120 Minutes. The rest of the CD is just as good but I have never felt like seeking out other Yo La Tengo records.

DLC Quest on PC (5/10)

DLC Quest

Not much to say about this one other that it's a joke game. The gag is that in order to gain required abilities you need to purchase downloadable content. These abilities include moving to the left (as seen in the above screen grab) and colored text.

Brothers on PC (9/10)

Brothers - Cut Scene

Brothers is a surprisingly excellent game that's filled with beautiful visual storytelling and a unique game-play mechanic that has the player controlling two characters on screen at the same time. This game requires a dual-stick controller. Each stick independently controls the movements of each the two titular brothers while the L/R triggers serve as the interact/action buttons for boys. This sounds like it would be impossible to control, but it doesn't take all that much getting used to. What it does is open up the game to all sorts of puzzle solving where the left side of your body needs to cooperate with the right to get everything working on screen.

Back from the Grave Volume 9 by Various Artists (7/10)


The Back from the Grave series seeks to uncover raw sixties garage rock that has a punk-rock sensibility. It's been well over a decade since the last release and it definitely feels like the bottom of the barrel is being scraped here. There are no clear stand outs, although I tend to like the more novelty tinged tracks of earlier comps. That said, this is a solid, albeit forgettable, collection of garage rock that more than makes up for it with some great packaging recounting the stories of tracking down the records featured.

The Meadowlands by The Wrens (8/10)


I got this CD as a gift from my brother several years ago. I understand why he got it for me. It sits firmly in the land of "emo" music that he enjoys so much and it was considered a bit of a masterpiece of its kind. I'm not so big into the whole "emo" thing. It can tend to drift a little to close to James Taylor and teary-eyed singer/songwriter folk music that I despise. However, despite being peppered with a couple sappy bro-jamz, The Meadowlands has enough standout rockers to elevate it.

Ciao Bella! by Various Artists (9/10)


A fantastic compilation 60's girl-pop songs from Italy. The highlight of the CD is the opening track "Baluba Shake." None of the other songs are quite as groovy as that opener but there's plenty to love here if your a fan of pop in the vein of Leslie Gore or Nancy Sinatra. As per usual with Ace Records, there is a thick, detailed booklet filled with info and photos.

Torchlight on PC (6/10)


Torchlight is a game that has been resting on my back-burner for a long, long time. I got it for something like three dollars during a Steam sale many years ago and played it off and on since. It's basically an updated version of Diablo, a game which I played through once and thought was just okay. The whole concept of hack-and-slash with the goal of loot collection just doesn't appeal to me. Without a decent story it's just mindless clicking and inventory management.