Robert Wm. Gomez's

August 2014

Major Chaos! by Untamed Youth, The (9/10)


This is a great collection of rarities from The Untamed Youth that I was hesitant to buy for a long time because I thought I owned all their singles. However, turns out that most of the songs aren't on the band's own singles. There's a few alternate takes and plenty of tracks that came from various compilations. Missing from here is the band's wonderful cover of "Tube City" from Ultra Punch Deluxe.

At The Fabulous El Morocco Lounge by Untamed Youth, The (7/10)


This is far from the best starting point if you want to listen to The Untamed Youth. It's a live recording from Las Vegas that sounds like it was recorded on a handheld dicta-phone. The performance is fine, but I have a much, much better live recording from a show I saw in Bloomington, Illinois back in the late nineties.

Zero Charisma (9/10)

I rather enjoyed this comedy about an angry tabletop gaming nerd who loses what little social standing he had when a hipster geek joins his gaming group. Scott is not a very likable character but the performance manages to capture a little humanity around his edges. I was also glad that, even though it has its share of nerd-mocking, the movie understands subject very well.

Hercules in the Haunted World (6/10)

Mario Bava directed this early sixties Italian Hercules film and his colorful style is all over the place. It's not his finest work but he keeps the silly, relatively dull story bearable and somewhat fun.

Tomb Raider on PC (9/10)

Doom Raider

I guess they are rebooting Tomb Raider again? I really liked the last two games in the series and I don't really think this is a franchise that needed to get dark and gritty. But, there you go. These days, f-bombs and blood are what the kids want in their action platformers.

Labour of Love by UB40 (5/10)


Okay, I'll give them credit for having the balls to misspell "labor" in their record title (USA! USA! USA!), but other than that, this record doesn't move me that much anymore. This one of the first CDs I bought back when there wasn't much released on CD except Beatles records. This was a "Well, I'm here at Musicland. I gotta buy something" record. If you are going to own a single reggae record, I suppose this is an okay one to own especially if you are a fan of Brit-Synth music from the same era.

System Shock 2 on PC (4/10)

System Shock 2

Well, I tried. Three times I have started playing System Shock 2 and each time I just get frustrated or bored and just give up. This game just has not aged all that well, especially when compared with its Bioshock successors.