February 2014

Roundhouse by Tar (7/10)

Format: CD

This CD actually compiles Tar's first two releases: Handsome and Roundhouse. While I like many of tunes on this CD, it's my least favorite of their releases. Tar never strays too far from the formula so, if you haven't heard much Tar, this will be pretty indistinguishable from later records. For me this record lacks the droney, bass-heavy sound defined their best records so it tends to get played less.

The Walking Dead on PC (9/10)

The Walking Dead for PC

Over the past few years I have had a love/hate relationship with The Walking Dead T.V. show. Unlike most of the trash in the zombie sub-genre being released these days, the pilot episode was simply one of the best zombie stories ever filmed. However, as the series progressed, it has sunk in quality where at times it just feels like a bad soap opera filled with characters who make the most unrealistic and stupid decisions. The fact that there is a zombie apocalypse going on has little or no bearing on the plot most of the time (you can just replace "zombies" with "earthquake" or another major disaster and you would have the same show).

Dual by Supercollider (10/10)

Format: CD

This is the better of the two Supercollider CDs. The sound is much bigger and they had gotten much more skilled at crafting atmospheric loops of guitar sounds and electronics. They still exist in their own little musical niche and I find myself going back to their music more than most of the bands that I loved during the early nineties because of this uniqueness. Supercollider is a band that more people need to hear.

This Side Up by Supercollider (10/10)

Format: CD

Supercollider is my favorite band from the nineties that no one seems to know about. I found about them after reading a short interview in Flipside (Nov. 1991) where they were described by their use of sequencers and guitar. I was intrigued and bought their CD, Dual, not knowing exactly what to expect. I slowly fell in love with it and eventually got my hands on this, their first CD.