Robert Wm. Gomez's

June 2013

Unfaithful Wives by Orrie Hitt (8/10)

Another quality pulp novel from Prologue Books. This one is filled with at least half a dozen cheating spouses and/or lovers with a dash of murder for good measure.

Lil' Beethoven by Sparks (10/10)


After a decade and a half of creating dance floor music, Sparks decided to ditch the beats and try something completely new (to drive the point home, the album opens up with "The Rhythm Thief." Get it?). The result is one of, if not the best Sparks album of their long career. They turn pop convention on its head with a mix of symphonic arrangements, vocal layering and non-conventional song structures. Songs just flow from one lush arrangement to the next.

Balls by Sparks (7/10)


Although still a dance music record, Balls feels a little more like a rock than Gratuitous Sax ever did. I don't think I like it nearly as much either. The songs just aren't as interesting. This record has its moments. "Calm Before the Storm" is especially good. Buried in here are also hints of what was to come next from Sparks. Balls marks the first instance of the f-bomb being dropped on a Sparks record. I always forget about that when my daughter is in the room and I am playing this CD.

Beyond the Door (4/10)

This film is an Italian Exorcist rip-off that takes forever to get to the puking, cursing demon action. The first two thirds of this are filled with painful child acting and not much more. There is a moment when the possesed woman eats a banana peel off of the ground but, other than that there is not much reason to watch this.