Robert Wm. Gomez's

May 2013

The Lone Wolf #1: Night Raider by Mike Barry (6/10)

This is essentially a Death Wish style vigilante story about a cop who really, really doesn't like the drug trade. There is absolutely zero character development and the plot goes nowhere but there are a few exciting moments when the anti-hero is taking out the scum.

A Doppia Faccia (5/10)

Mediocre giallo featuring Klaus Kinski in search of his estranged wife's killer. Noteworthy moments: super fake model train vs. car collision and naked hippy motorcycle party.

Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins by Sparks (9/10)


After Interior Design, Sparks wisely took a six year break to go back to their rooms and think about what they had done. Gratuitous Sax was a refreshing return to the lyrical wit of their earlier records with a new found commitment to pure euro-style dance music. These tracks really feel like they're numbers from a forgotten Broadway musical. Not show tunes, but stories that are sung from a character's perspective.

Hercules Unchained (7/10)

Aside from the incredible Hercules starring Lou Ferrigno, I have not seen many of these Italian swords and sandals epics. This one, however, was on my checklist of Mario Bava projects that I need to watch as I have been making my way through Tim Lucas's book, All the Colors of the Dark. Although only credited as the cinematographer, I think Bava actually directed much of this (haven't gotten that far in the book yet). Even if he didn't, his style is all over the place.

Ultraviolet (3/10)

This not so much a movie as it is a seemingly endless collection of stylized hero shots. The dialogue is terrible, the story is terrible, the acting is bad (Milla Jovovich is only capable of a single facial expression) and the CGI effects are on par with those of an episode of Xena or Power Rangers.