POF Archive: March 2013

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For Lovers Only
Southern Culture on the Skids - CD (7/10)

Although there are some great songs on this record ("Nashville Toupee" and "Daddy Was A Preacher But Mama Was A Go-Go Girl"), there are a couple overly-long stinkers. They don't seem to have quite gelled as a band yet and there is a certain spark of energy missing from the music. After this record is when SCOTS really began to hit their stride.

Submitted by Robert Gomez on Mon, 03/04/2013 - 21:03

Giana Sisters DS on Nintendo DS (8/10)

Giana Sisters DS - Screenshot

Giana Sisters is a reworking of an old Commodore 64 game that itself was a note-for-note ripoff of Super Mario Bros. This new version has updated graphics and sound and around eighty new levels to explore. As far as platformers go, this is as about as derivative as you can get, and yet, the solid controls and cutesy graphics make this one worth playing. There is a very gentle difficulty curve, and it isn't until about two-thirds the way through the game that things finally start to ramp up and get tricky. If you manage to beat the game you are rewarded with a final challenge level that is…

Submitted by Robert Gomez on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 23:12