February 2013

Let's Knife by Shonen Knife (5/10)

Format: CD

I take back what I took back last post. This Shonen Knife album is a bit of a bore. Again, they are trying to sound like the Ramones, and I guess I don't really like bands that sound like the Ramones. There is no space in the production and the drums just sound like an (off tempo) drum machine.

712 by Shonen Knife (8/10)

Format: CD

I take back a little about what I said in my Pretty Little Baka Guy post. This record definitely has an obvious Beatles vibe and it works very well. I can remember the slightly out-of-tune vocals really annoying some of my roommates back in college. I really like them.

Pretty Little Baka Guy - Live in Japan by Shonen Knife (6/10)

Format: CD

This is one of my wife's CDs that made its way into my collection. Shonen Knife is one of those bands which you kinda laugh at when you first hear them and then they grow on you. They draw upon a lot of the same sources as The Pebbles—a band which I like much more—but they don't quite have that 60's girl group appeal. They are more a product of the Ramones rather than The Beatles.

The Silent Wall by Peter Rabe (7/10)

This is the story of an American GI who returns to Sicily years after the war to find the girl he loved only to find himself held captive by the Mafiosi who run the town. The story is pretty good but it faulters in the third act without ever really paying off.

Costume Quest on PC (5/10)

Costume Quest

Costume Quest feels like an off-hand idea thrown out there at a pitch meeting. I'm sure the designers had just taken their kids out trick-or-treating for the first time and thought to themselves, "Geesh, wouldn't it be cool if there was a game where you were trick-or-treating and your costumes gave you superpowers!" Well, it might have been cool except for the fact that knocking on doors only to have repetitive battles is not fun at all.