Robert Wm. Gomez's

January 2013

My Planet Pimp Collection Is Finally Complete

Sounds of the International Airport Restrooms

After years of searching through record bins and online auction sites I have finally purchased a copy of The Golding Institute's Sounds of the International Airport Restrooms! This was Planet Pimp's final release and it has become the rarest title from that catalog. I am not sure why this one became so hard to find but I think when Sven-Erik decided to close shop he ending up destroying a lot of his stuff (just a guess).

Nude... Si Muore (6/10)

A mediocre giallo that felt a lot like early 60s Bava without the style. Although the twist, which should have been plainly obvious, fooled me.

Tony Arzenta - Big Guns (7/10)

Outside of Bava's Rabid Dogs I have not seen many Italian Eurocrime movies. This one was pretty good. It had a groovy wah-wah laden soundtrack, lots of violence and a by-the-numbers revenge plot. I especially liked the 70s style car chaces complete with fruit stands getting obliterated and scaffolding being driven through.

Excellent Italian Greyhound by Shellac (7/10)


I think this is my least favorite Shellac album. Sure there are some great tracks on it, as there are on any Shellac album, but are also a few that just seem lazy in their delivery. I am not too keen on the experimental/talky moments on the first side either.

The Magnificent Seven (7/10)

I am a fan of Westerns, especially the spaghetti kind, but I not very familiar with many of the classics of the genre. The Magnificent Seven can now be crossed off my to-watch list. The story about a group of would-be heroes hired to defend a helpless village has been done a zillion times from the obvious Seven Samurai to A Bugs Life. Because the plot has become a cliché, you watch these various interations for the characters, the action sequences or visuals. There are plenty of great actors in this version and a few hammy ones too.

The Screwball King Murder by Kin Platt (6/10)

A pretty straightforward detective mystery which, despite the cover of the book, has very little to do with baseball. Even though the body count steadily increases, the story never really gets more exciting than the PI investigating clues and interviewing increasingly dull characters.

1000 Hurts by Shellac (9/10)


When this came out it felt like a return to form for Shellac. It opens with the fantastic "Prayer to God" which, upon first listening, any schlup (like me) would immediately run to their guitar to try to figure out. It's a good excuse to use the F-word a whole bunch. The album loses a little steam on the second side but ends with "Watch Song." It's another barn burner complete with violent lyrics and the scuffling sounds of what I assume is supposed to be the fight alluded to in the lyrics.

2019: After the Fall of New York (7/10)

This is a zero-budget Italian take on post-nuclear scifi. It is utterly derivative and filled with bad acting, plot holes and cheap effects. What it does have is tons of action, a smattering of gore and George Eastman as a caveman.

Scream of Fear (8/10)

Just when I was about to lose hope regarding my Hammer Films: Icons of Horror DVD set, I got around to watching the last film on the collection. Scream of Fear is not really a horror film and would have been much more at home on the Icons of Suspense collection. This is an excellent thriller about a wheelchair bound girl who is haunted by visions of the corpse of her missing father. It's filmed in lovely black and white, has some good twists and contains the obligatory European-man-in-Speedo scene.

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Another year has passed here at the Pages of Fun so it's time for my annual assessment of the year in media consumption. This was a pretty underwhelming year for movies. If it wasn't for The Hobbit, which squeaked in at the last minute, there would have been no stand-out films for me this past year. To be honest, I haven't really been keen on getting out to see movies for a while. I did love the Icons of Suspense DVD collection I bought even though I didn't rate the individual movies that highly. I need to seek out more obscure foreign horror films this year.