Robert Wm. Gomez's

April 2011

Rec 2 (7/10)

The first Rec was both a very good as "zombie" movie and for being a "found footage" film. You never thought that these people under duress were silly for continuing to film themselves being attacked and killed. Rec 2 also does a good job explaining the cameras with Aliens style military helmet cams. In a pretty cool way, the film picks up literally right after the events of the first movie. Much of the suspense and tension is dependent on you having seen the first film and knowing what is lurking in that penthouse apartment.

Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss (9/10)

Book two in this excellent series is just about as good as the first. The story picks up right where we left off last time and, if I had any sort of complaint, it is that it is more or less exactly the same as The Name of the Wind for the first third. But this is necessary to keep the plot moving forward. The story then makes an abrupt change and you are introduced to a whole new batch of interesting characters and places. Again the writing is excellent and keeps you turning the pages and wanting more.

Obama's Birth Certificate

I can't believe it took so long for Obama to release his birth certificate. I guess Kenyans are much more lax about being on time.

Junior Citizen by Poster Children (10/10)


This is Poster Children at their very best. After pretty much defining the drone-tastic Champaign-Urbana style of the early 90's, they began to adopt a new wave aesthetic (They were also recording as all-analog synthesiser band Salaryman around this time too). There is just an overall feeling of fun and experimentation in every every track. Heck, they wrote a song about David Hasselhoff ("He's My Star").

Just Like You by Poster Children (9/10)


Just Like You is a really solid EP. The band is slowly moving away from their drone-laden "Champaign '92" sound an becoming more daring in their use of studio production. I love the fade in and reprise of the opening track at the end of the disc and, although it is cheesy and cute, "What's Inside the Box" is a nice change of pace. This EP not quite there, but is a good lead-in to Junior Citizen – their best record in my opinion.

Chrono Trigger on Nintendo DS (8/10)

Chrono Trigger DS Cartridge It took about a year of on-again / off-again playing, but I finally made it through this DS remake of Chrono Trigger.

Hercules (9/10)

There are about three hundred movies named Hercules (usually with "vs. <insert name here>" after the name). This is the 1983 version starring Lou Ferrigno and directed by Italian horror/sci-fi cheese legend Luigi Cozzi (a.k.a. Lewis Coates of Star Crash fame). Make no mistake, this is a bad movie by just about any standard.