June 2010

A-Z by Colin Newman (10/10)

Format: CD

After creating three of the greatest records of the early punk years, Wire fractured into various solo projects. As far as I am concerned, A-Z is Wire's fourth record. It feels like the natural next step after 154. A-Z is filled with more synthesizers and song structures are more abstract and weird. The end result is simply mesmerizing.

Republic by New Order (4/10)

Format: CD

New Order always has at least one great track on each of their records ("Regret" in this case). They fill the rest of the CD with some forgettable and boring songs. Stick with greatest hits compilations from this band and ignore everything else.

House at the Edge of the Dark by Giallos Flame, The (9/10)

Format: MP3

Thanks to some free mp3 credits from Amazon, this is the first album that I ever purchased as a download! I have to say, I am really liking this release. The Giallos Flame is an English band which models its sound after the synth-laden prog-rock of late 70s/early 80s Italian horror movie soundtracks (Fabio Frizzi and Goblin). I have their first CD and it was good, but, at times it was maybe just a little too jazzy for my tastes. House at the Edge of the Dark is much better.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror (8/10)

Incredibly bad film. Horrible acting, dialog and effects. The net result is an incredibly fun, so-bad-it's-good movie that you have to see with a crowd. Went to the Chicago premiere!

Survival of the Dead (6/10)

Another modern zombie movie that doesn't even attempt to be scary. I guess the Hatfields vs. McCoy setup could have been interesting, but the characters are just dull or stupid. Romero wants us to know that WE are the monsters, and has been telling us that rather blandly for the past decade.

Murder Inc. by Murder Inc. (6/10)

Format: CD

The first full length release from this band is just more of the same. Impotent Killing Joke with a Chris Connelly's David Bowie wannabe vocals. I like a couple of the songs (Last of the Urgents is quite good) and I am always glad to hear Martin Atkins' tom-heavy drumming, but, like the EP, this material is just average.

Corpuscle by Murder Inc. (5/10)

Format: CD

Murder Inc. is basically early 90's Killing Joke with Chris Connelly singing instead of Jaz Coleman. Without the nervous energy of Coleman the band is just sort of blah. The songs can go on too long and never really seem to go anywhere interesting.

Electrical Audio BBQ

So, 1/3 of Nonagon posts in the Internet forums of Electrical Audio and, as a result, we will be playing at the super-secret underground music festival called the Electrical Audio BBQ (or something like that) on Saturday, June 12th at 1:40pm. We are not supposed to tell anybody about it but I figure no one reads this Web site, so I will promote it here. The address is 3722 W. Chicago Ave.

This Is Egg Speaking... by Mummy the Peepshow (7/10)

Format: CD

An all-girl Japanese punk band that I saw at Japan Nite 2000 at the Fireside Bowl. Music varies from catchy, fun cutsey-pop (which I like) to standard, screamy eighth-grade punk (which is not as good).

Lucio Fulci's Conquest (6/10)

The Spanish/Mexican/Italian answer to Conan or Clash of the Titans. This one feels more like the latter except with lots of topless cavewomen and signature Fulci close-up gore. It was not as horrible as I was expecting, but it is still loaded with cheesy costumes and feathery (male) hair. The whole thing seems to have been filmed day-for-night, through fog and out-of-focus.There were even some pseudo-zombies near the end!

Resident Evil (7/10)

Another movie that has no reason for being enjoyable, and yet I thought it was pretty good. This could have turned into a 00's running zombie crapfest but, fortunately,  plays more as a better-than-average Aliens clone.