Robert Wm. Gomez's

September 2009

Apple II: Running Your Favorite Software from the Past

I recently have been on a bit of an Apple II retro-computing kick. There was so much great software for the Apple 2 and I have many-a-fond memories of games like Karateka, Star Blazer and Ultima. In the early eighties my dad bought a Apple ][+ and this is where I learned the ins and outs of programming. In fact, I have posted a few of my better creations on this very web site (check out Dippy Golf and Malfunction).

Braid on PC (10/10)

 Braid got a lot of critical praise when it was released for Xbox. When it went on sale for the PC on Steam for $4.99, I immediately grabbed it.

Coffy (7/10)

Another Pam Grier blaxploitation film cut from the same cloth as Foxy Brown. This one is not as well paced or structured but it still satisfies. The overall revenge story works well and ends appropriately, however, there are several plot points introduced at the beginning which get lost in the mix much to the film's detriment.

Flying Colours by C.S. Forester (9/10)

Another great Hornblower tale. The action picks up right at the end of the previous book and keeps going all the way to the immensely satisfying ending. Most of this story takes place on dry land, and, unlike the earlier books, you get a closer look at some of the other secondary characters like Bush and Brown.

Foxy Brown (8/10)

This is the first film I am watching in my Pam Grier film fest and it's a good one. There plenty of over-the-top violence and action. The film is nicely paced for what is essentially a standard B-movie. There are points in the film where you are thinking, "They aren't going to go there are they? ...oh yes, they are!"

Cooking Mama on Nintendo DS (6/10)

A nice little time killing game for the DS. Nothing too deep, but a great kids game.

Meatball Machine (4/10)

After seeing The Machine Girl I was itching for more Japanese splatter, but it turns out most of these movies suck. They say movies are becoming like video games, and that is definitely the case with Meatball Machine. Only this film is like an hour-and-a-half long cut scene from a 1992 era CD-ROM game. Boring, poorly acted and wastes about a third of the movie with close-ups of a stupid, fetus monster puppet.

Ship of the Line by C. S. Forester (9/10)

Another exciting Hornblower sea tale. This one was a much better read than the last, although, outside of the title character, there still aren't that many vivid characters. But, you can tell that Forester is beginning to lay the groundwork for larger story lines. The story here goes from one naval action to the next, each more exciting than the last.

Resident Evil 4 - Wii Edition on Nintendo Wii (9/10)

Resident Evil 4 Wii CoverThis was another bargain purchase for me. Ten dollars on Amazon during one of their Gold Box sales. I'd have to say it was well worth the price.

I remember when this game came out it got all sorts of game of the year awards on G4 and such. After having played it through I can say it isn't THAT good, but it is pretty good game, and one of the best Wii games I've played. However, if this were a PC game I would only consider it to be mildly above average compared to other PC shooters like Half Life 2. The movement controls are atrocious and the ugly, muddy palette is so 1998. You do get used to the clumsy movement after a half hour or so. I was willing to deal with the tank controls because, on the other hand (literally), using the wiimote as a shooting device works very well. Taking aim at monsters and zombies and blowing them away is very satisfying.