Robert Wm. Gomez's

August 2009

Sam and Max Season 1 on Nintendo Wii (9/10)

I found this game used for around twelve bucks a few months ago. I'm glad I picked it up because it is a really entertaining game. This is an adventure game. That means it's not the fastest, most exciting game around, but I liked the laid-back pacing. Unlike the LucasArts game from the 90s, this game's puzzles actually make sense. There was hardly ever a moment when didn't have an idea of what I needed to be doing.

Health Care Debate Hate

Okay. So I am one of those evil bastards that thinks health care reform is a bad thing. Apparently, the hidden motive for my position is that I want to ruin the lives of poor people—or, at least that's what my progressive friends have told me. Fine. If that makes it easier for you to accept that there are people with opinions other than your own, more power to you.

Tunnel in the Sky by Robert A. Heinlein (8/10)

A well-paced survival story about a bunch of teenagers abandoned on a desolate planet. There is some delving into civics which I found interesting, but it is more of a straight adventure story in the end.

Twisty Little Passages - An Approach to Interactive Fiction by Nick Montfort (9/10)

A very good read that is a critical analysis and brief history of text adventures. The first half gets a little bogged down in trying to place these games in a literary niche, but it eventually delves into the history of Infocom and more.

Supercop (8/10)

Pretty good Jackie Chan faire. Not his best, but plenty of good action here.

Old Ironsides on Apple ][ (8/10)

Old Ironsides is a two-player game for the Apple II that simulates Nineteenth Century naval combat. Having read all twenty Aubry/Maturin seafaring novels, I have been craving some sort of naval battle game. The problem is, when you get down to it, ninety percent of the action in the novels is comprised of the days long chase of an enemy ship. Not the stuff of an action packed game. Old Ironsides strips most of the technical aspects of sea battles away to reveal an arcade-like multi-player game much in the same vein as the classic Atari Combat.

Oira sukeban (5/10)

An excuse to have a lot of topless women fight in poorly choreographed battles, while the camera zooms in to their private regions every few seconds. Could have been good if the acting and direction were better. At least it was only 1 hour long.

Ristorante DS

This was another contest entry like my Elevators Amiss Atari cartridge design. But, in this case, I actually won! This was for a contest sponsored by, a Nintendo hacking oriented site. They were awarding 50 some odd prizes for users who designed a skin for an Edge brand flash cart. I figured my odds would be pretty good since the majority of the interface designs would be copies of idiotic anime characters.

Night Time by Killing Joke (10/10)


Punk rock for the dance floor! One of my most listened too albums during my late high school years. The hit "Eighties" made this the entry point for many Killing Joke fans, myself included. The band began to shift musically here, but I think it was a very interesting direction to explore, but one that would eventually cause the band to implode on itself.

Fire Dances by Killing Joke (10/10)


This is my favorite Killing Joke album. It's a great fusion of the more mainstreamed, dancable Joke that would soon follow and the brutal tribalism of the first three records. In my top-ten greatest records of all time, if I were to maintain something like that.

Revelations by Killing Joke (10/10)


Everything that was great about What's THIS for...! has been condensed and refined on Revelations. One of my favorite CDs.

What's THIS for...! by Killing Joke (9/10)


Brutal, pounding, post-punk genius. Post apocalyptic tribal beats that many fans consider their best. I prefer the two follow ups a bit more because these tunes just go on too long for my tastes.

Killing Joke by Killing Joke (8/10)


First Killing Joke record is not their best, but has a few classics on it: "Wardance" and "Change." They hadn't quite settled in on their sound yet.

Show by Jesus Lizard, The (7/10)


A live CD. Was noteworthy when it came out because of the unreleased songs, but those songs have since been released with better studio versions.