Robert Wm. Gomez's

June 2009

Chocolate (8/10)

Well done Kung-Fu flick about a retarded girl who knows how to fight.

Tokyo Gore Police (6/10)

Japanese splatter. Despite the gore, it gets boring pretty quickly.

The French Sex Murders (5/10)

Mediocre giallo from Dick Randall and Mondo Macabro

The Dark Knight (9/10)

Even better than Batman Begins.

Sabata (8/10)

A better-than-most Spaghetti Western with high-flying acrobatics.

Sukiyaki Western Django (9/10)

Super stylish Japanese tribute to Spaghetti Westerns. Only hindered by the thick Japanese accents.

Wall-E (8/10)

A fun movie but it felt shallow in the the end to me.

El Orfanato (The Orphanage) (8/10)

Very good ghost story from the producers of Pan's Labyrynth.

Get Carter (7/10)

Still not sure what I think of this. A brutal character study of an anti-hero with a confusing plot.

An Art-Related Quote for You...

"For decades, the liberals have pretended that they can be anti-big-business, anti-commerce, and anti-marketing -- while still being staunch defenders of free speech. But in a free society -- where art and literature are not monopolies of the state -- the private sale and marketing of books, movies, music, etc., is the indispensable means by which artists and intellectuals express their ideas.

Artist's Statement (retired)

My work is in the tradition of the satirical print. My goal is to portray the absurdities that exist in the world around me in both my personal sphere and the greater world of mass culture and politics. Many of my pieces are about the advancement of creeping authoritarianism within our society and people's willingness to let the government and other higher powers take responsibility for every aspect of their lives.

Art Friends (retired)

One of things that the web is useful for is tracking down former acquaintances. I find myself going to a search service like Google and typing in the names of people I used to know in hopes of finding out more about what has happened to them since we last saw each other (a Google hint: type the name in quotes for more accurate results). I do this half out of curiosity and half out of jealousy over those who went on to bigger and better things.