Robert Wm. Gomez's

June 2007

Buio Omega (Beyond the Darkness) (5/10)

Cheesy Italian horror film about a taxidermist who is infatuated with his dead girlfriend. It's a character study without any character development. Some gratuitous gore and 80s cheese keep this from being a total dud.

The Wicker Man (7/10)

Classic tale of pagan villagers. I was spoiled because I already knew the twist ending, but was enjoyable nonetheless. Almost a musical at times.

Clerks II (8/10)

Funny and a nice sequel. Hindered by Kevin Smith's lack of comic timing as a director (and actor). But the dialog and script work in spite of his suckiness.

Art School Confidential (7/10)

Falls apart when it attempts to become high-minded satire near the end, but the characterizations of art school stereotypes are funny.

Slither (6/10)

Silly but entertaining monster movie.

Aragami (5/10)

The companion piece to 2LDK. Not as good, and a bit too talky and not enough fighting.