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Champaign/Urbana Music Scene and the Rise and Fall of Der Lugomen

Last weekend Nonagon took a little mini-tour to play a gig at the Iron Post in Urbana, Illinois. The town was buried, ball-deep in snow and was completely dead. All the old haunts have been sterilized, commercialized and bland-o-fied. From what we hear, gone are the days of Cham-bana's vibrant music scene. Sure, there are still some good bands down there, Triple Whip for example, and I hear the Poster Children are still alive, but the spark is gone.

All this said, our show was a blast, and we were very thankful to the people who brave the weather to come out that night. But cruisin' around the town brought back many reminiscences of gigs of years past. For me it was my college-years band, Der Lugomen. We only played out three times, but each show was an event to behold.

Der Lugomen was…

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More Videos from my VHS Archives

I'm beginning to slowly make my way through my old VHS tapes in search of interesting video to post and have found a couple. First we have a short clip from Ben Stiller's old MTV show. The MTV show was pretty funny, much better than the Fox incarnation that came along later. He really has the mannerism of Shatner down, but Stiller can't do the voice at all. That's basically the problem with most of Stiller's sketch comedy.

Sniggle's House

Ahhh... I finally realized that I can digitize VHS tape into my PC using my video camera as a bridge. This has allowed me to give bring back Sniggles to the world. I have many more goofy videos on file. Expect more soon! Fear comes from Satan!

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