Robert Wm. Gomez's

July 2005

Mysterious Stranger by David Blaine (5/10)

Some interesting magic history, a few neat tricks and lots of David Blaine's self-hating magic style-endurance artist crap.

Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk (3/10)

Starts out with some amusing short stories but never amounts to much. The main plot line is barely existent and the stories are pointless.

Zardoz by John Boorman (4/10)

Yeah that's right, a novelization of Zardoz. It's just as inexplicable as the movie.

Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (6/10)

This one is so bad it's good. Another Italian zombie movie. This one has bad overly lit make-up, no plot, ridiculous situations (a bear trap in the middle of the estate grounds), and a 30-year-old playing an 11 year-old with an Oedipus complex to the extreme.

The Streetfighter (8/10)

A violent and gritty kung-fu movie starring Sonny Chiba. Terrisan is basically playing a kung-fu version of Tuco from the Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Don't Torture a Duckling (6/10)

Early thriller by Lucio Fulci. Moves along pretty well , but the story is predictable with some laughably misplaced moments of violence and a few squirmy kids and sex moments.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (8/10)

Much better than the Royal Tanenbaums. Slow paced and unfunny at times, but worth viewing for the art direction alone.

The Diabolical Doctor Z (6/10)

Low Budget 60s exploitation by Jess Franco. Entertaining, but not quite as stylish as I expected. The soundtrack is excellent and there is one or two memorable scenes.

Spellbound (7/10)

Documentary about National Spelling Bee. Not a terribly deep movie, but entertaining nonetheless.

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (10/10)

Dario Argento murder thriller. Fairly ridiculous plot, but makes up for it in style, pacing and music.

Mill of the Stone Women (7/10)

French Gothic horror from the 60s. Some creepy imagery and fairly good pacing for an old movie.

Blind Fury (7/10)

Surprisingly good drug cartel style 80's actioner about a blind martial artist hero played very well by Rutger Hauer.

Ring 2 (5/10)

Some scary moments, but mostly just retread and patchy story telling.

Serenity (10/10)

The best sci-fi movie since The Matrix. Fast, funny and intense. My opinion is probably tainted by my liking of the series, Firefly.

Five Man Army (3/10)

Dario Argento wrote this boring Italian Western. Featuring a non-exciting action sequence of a man running for five minutes and horribly cast Peter Graves as the Dutchman.

The City of the Living Dead (a.k.a. The Gates of Hell) (5/10)

More Fulci horror. Not much in terms of memorable scenes here, just the tacked-on drilled head scene. The zombies aren't terribly scary in appearance and has a dumb ending.

The Beyond (8/10)

Metaphysical Fulci Zombie movie. Lots of close-up gore and some good atmospheric scares.

Kung Fu Hustle (8/10)

Very funny and action packed kung-fu movie. Special effects aren't that great but it makes up for it in sheer energy.

Zombi 2 (8/10)

Refreshingly scary zombie movie. Nice soundtrack. My DVD was broken at one point.

Satanico Pandemonium (7/10)

Nice nun-sploitation film with lots of nudity and satanic creepiness.

Suspiria (10/10)

One of the most beautiful horror movies ever made. Great Goblin soundtrack included.

Undead (3/10)

Really poorly handled zombie sci-fi movie from Australia. Bad acting not enough gags, and boring