Robert Wm. Gomez's

October 2000

October 29, 2000

"It's Halloween, it's Halloween, it's Halloween... it's Halloween." -The Shaggs --; See my Jack-o-Lantern.

October 23, 2000

Oh there is magic in the air! Check out my INCREDIBLE Flash movie in the Fun Stuff section. My readers demand quality, and I deliver!

October 21, 2000

I have been having problems uploading to AT&T lately. Even this little blurb was a pain to get online. Hopefully this can be resolved soon so that I can begin posting larger additions soon.

October 10, 2000

 See a preview of Lair of the Manbeast in the Fun Stuff section.

October 3, 2000

Insightful political commentary added to the Fun Stuff section.

October 2, 2000

Rocktober is finally here! I'm really excited about Lair of the ManBeast's new look. Unfortunately it will not work in Netscape 4. Oh well, it probably won't be finished until Netscape 6 is out anyways.

October 2000

What's Hot :: The Challengers - K-39 • Diablo 1

What Blows :: Shogo: Mobile Armor Division • National Public Radio • Retardeds who can't follow a simple ballot - What about the people who wanted to vote for John Haglean and ended up voting for Harry Browne!

What I'm Reading :: I'm still reading Operation Wandering Soul by Richard Powers • I'm also reading Jakob Neilson's Designing Web Usability