POF Archive: September 2000

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September 27, 2000

I have begun work on Lair of the ManBeast again. I will be totally updating the engine and the look and feel. LOTMB is a role-playing game that I am developing entirely in JavaScript. The new version will incorporate a lot of what I have learned about layers and DHTML during the past year. Hopefully I will finish it this time.

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September 25, 2000

As is usually the case with the WWW, I've discovered my amazing pop-up window tool tips don't work consistently across platforms. On a Macintosh (any browser) the pop-up appears just fine, but when you move the mouse off of the link, the window stays there. It will only disappear if you bring focus back to the main window, mouse back over the link, then mouse out. Rather than attempt to fix this, I will let Mac users get an extra puck-mouse workout as they click from window to window.

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September 21, 2000

Today I checked the site on my Mac at work and it looks just as good as it does on my PC. I also tested it on some dinosaur browsers and, although the colors and typefaces were wrong, the content still was readable and logical. The only complaint I have gotten thus far has been from John Burgess, who says my pages take too long to load. I suspect his connection was messed up. Oh well.

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September 20, 2000

My new site has finally launched! This is only the beginning. I hope to add more illustrations and goofiness in the upcoming months, stay tuned! Also, I very proud of the fact that these pages validated (scroll to the bottom) for HTML 4.0 and CSS!! Standards rock!

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September 19, 2000

The new site is pretty much in a presentable state. As time goes by I will add more embellishments, but for now at least there are no broken images. I will spend the the next day or so double checking everything and adding any last minute details.

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September 2000

What's Hot :: Kraftwerk-Computer World • Blonde Redhead-Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons • Shellac-1000 Hurts LP • Beach Boys Pet Sounds

What Blows :: Dave Matthews Band • Barenaked Ladies • Being sick!

What I'm Reading :: Operation Wandering Soul by Richard Powers dense, yet rewarding prose. I keep my dictionary at my side when I'm reading this.

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